Two Person Yoga Poses Hard

Curious to spice up your yoga routine? Two-person yoga poses can offer you a unique and challenging perspective on your practice. These highly athletic yoga poses are a great way to take your regular practice to the next level. In addition to the physical benefits, two-person yoga poses will also keep your yoga sessions fun and engaging as you build a connection with your partner.

Bristlecone Tree

A pair of people in a yoga pose shaped like a bristlecone tree

This advanced inter-twined posture requires solid balance and flexibility from both partners. This pose strengthens leg and arm muscles and is great for opening your hips. To get into this pose, both partners should stand in a mountain pose with their toes pointing forwards and feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart. From here, one partner should stretch their arms upwards in a V shape while the other partner reaches behind them and grabs their hands. The partner on the bottom should draw their shoulder blades down their back and breath deeply to stay balanced.

Feathered Peacock

This two-person yoga pose is a great way to work on upper body and core strength. To get into this pose, start by standing in a mountain pose and both partners facing inwards while gripping each other’s forearms. Then, one partner should lean back and pull the other partner forward and down in front of them. Angle your hips to 45 degree and scoop your lower abdominals in and up for even more stability. Both partners should draw the shoulder blades down for support.

Yoked Warrior

A pair of people in a yoga pose shaped like a yoked warrior

This complex and powerful posture takes a lot of strength and courage from both partners.

To get into this pose, start by standing in warrior two and face each other. Then, transition into a reverse warrior by moving the back leg outwards while the top arm goes downwards. Both partners will then reach their palms towards each other, cuing an inner connection. To get even deeper into the pose, come up onto the toes of the back leg and press your digits into the ground.

Flamingo Balance

A pair of people in a yoga pose shaped like a flamingo

This balance-based yoga pose requires equal stability from both partners. To set off, begin in mountain pose and take a step back with one foot. Reach your interlocked hands backwards and hold the top hand of your partner for balance. The partner in the back should press their digits in the ground for extra stability.

Swan Dive

A pair of people in a yoga pose shaped like a swan dive

This two-person yoga pose is one of the most challenging postures to master. To get into this pose, start by standing facing each other and each of you raise one arm up and standing together side by side. Then, place the palms of your hands together and lean back as you extend your arms forward and feet back. Straighten your legs as you lean back and keep your feet firmly planted. After a few breath cycles, slowly come back up.

Eagle Lock

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