Two Person Yoga Poses For Kids

Yoga poses can be a great way to relax and stretch after a long day, especially when two people work together. A two-person yoga routine can be especially fun and rewarding, as two people can communicate and build trust while working on their physical fitness. Here are ten positive poses to try with a partner!

Standing Together

Two people standing side-by-side facing forward with their arms in the 'namaste' position

A simple and classic pose to begin any two person yoga routine is to stand together with your arms in the ‘namaste’ position. Feel the connection and gentle embrace of your partner’s arms as you inhale and exhale deeply in unison. Remember to keep your core engaged and your legs strong to avoid slouching or becoming unstable as you hold this pose.

Seated Partner Twist

A seated partner twist is a great way to stretch out the spine and back muscles while creating an intimate bond with your partner. This stretch can be a bit challenging for novice yogis, but with practice, it’s a pose to look forward to!

Partner Balance

One person standing and the other person laying down sideways between their legs, the standing person with their hands on the other person's hip

Partner balance is a perfect way to work on equilibrium and trust in your relationship. One person stands bent-knee with feet apart, while the other stands in between their legs and lowers them self to the ground with their hips in the hands of their partner. This can be a fun challenge to take on as a couple!

Scissor Squats

Two people facing each other and putting their hands together and intertwining their legs, then doing simultaneous squatting motion

Get ready to feel the burn with these scissor squats! This pose requires two strong people to work together on a simultaneous squatting motion while keeping their hands connected. This is a great pose to build both strength and trust between two yogis.

Partner Push-Ups

One person on their hands and the other with their feet facing down and arms in the 'namaste' position. The partner on top is leaning forward toward the partner on the ground while the partner on the ground is pushing them up with their feet.

A partner push-up might not seem like the most fun pose at first, but it can certainly be a great challenge for two people to work together. Not only does this pose work the upper body and the core, but it forces two to trust each other because of the need to remain both stable and balanced!

Partner Plank

One person lying face-down and the other person is standing on top of them with their hands on each side of the person on the ground while doing a plank position

Partner plank is the perfect pose to work the core and bond with your partner in the process. One person lies down on the floor, while their partner stands with their hands on each side of them and enters into a plank position. Be sure to remain connected and stay in sync while maintain a strong core and balance
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