Two Person Yoga Poses Easy

Two people doing a yoga asana

Yoga for Two

If you’re looking for a fun activity you can do with a friend, consider trying yoga. Whether you’re just two friends getting to know each other or two veterans of the yoga studio, there are a variety of poses that two people can do together. Not only can two-person yoga improve your physical strength, but it can also deepen a connection between two people and work as a form of relaxation.

Easy Two Person Poses

The star pose is one of the most basic two-person poses that’s great for building balance. Start by standing back to back and extending your arms out to the sides, bending your elbows and crossing your wrists. Push your feet down firmly and breathe. To add an extra element of challenge, you can try lifting the bent leg of one partner and balancing it on the straight leg of the other.

The boat pose can also be done as a pair. Have partners sit across from each other and hold hands. Use your core muscles to arch your back and extend your feet up with toes pointing straight ahead. Push your palms forward in the opposite direction to feel the stretch.

Try doing a two-person upward dog or cobra pose to strengthen your back and arms. Have partners face each other while lying on the ground. Keeping your chins up, press into your palms and use your core strength to press your abdomens off the ground.

Arm Balancing Poses

If you’re looking for a little bit of a challenge, arm balances like wild thing offer a great opportunity to work on balance and trust. Face each other and raise your legs up, crossing at the ankles. Keep your hands firmly on the floor. Keeping your core engaged and your gaze forward, you can use each other’s legs as leverage to press off the ground and balance on your hands.

You can also modify most single-person arm balances to make them suitable for two. For example, you can do the crow pose with a partner. Both partners assume the starting position of crow, with arms and knees bent. One partner slides a leg towards the other, and the other person leans forward and grasps the foot of their partner. The partner with the bent knee can then use their partner’s foot as a base and attempt to balance on their arms.

Yoga for Engagement

When practiced correctly, two-person yoga provides an opportunity to work on communication, trust, and movement. By practicing two-person poses, you can get creative and make each session unique. You can use partners to deepen stretching and increase balance, but also learn to understand each other’s strengths and abilities.

Two-person yoga can be great exercise and also a nice way to spend some quality time with a friend. Don’t be afraid to be creative and try poses you haven’t seen before; yoga for two has the potential to be extremely rewarding. Have fun and be safe!