Two People Yoga Poses

When it comes to two-person yoga, there are plenty of poses to explore. Not only does partner yoga offer a fun approach to yoga, but it comes with some physical benefits as well! Here are the top ten best yoga poses for two people.

The Tree Pose

A man and a woman standing in the Tree Pose

The Tree Pose is a fantastic place to start. The strong standing leg and arms of each partner give stability and balance, whilst the hook and clasp arms offer support. You’ll improve your whole body posture and challenge your concentration, focus and mindfulness.

The Toe Stand Up

If you and your partner want to test your balance and coordination skills, try the Toe Stand Up! This challenging move will strengthen the quadriceps, calf and hip flexors of both partners, as well as engaging your glutes and core. Check in often with your partner to ensure both of your ankles are aligned.

The Bridge Pose

A man and a woman in the Bridge Pose, with their hips connected

The Bridge Pose is another fun partner yoga pose that is both fun and challenging. This exercise requires both partners to engage their core, shoulders and legs to stay stable. It opens up the chest, hips and shoulders. Don’t forget to communicate with your partner when necessary to move smoothly between this pose and any other one.

The Butterfly Pose

Two people in Butterfly Pose, connected at their knees

The Butterfly Pose is another great way to clinch up with your partner. It’s often utilized as a warm-up pose as its calming and grounding effects. You’ll experience a deep stretch in the inner thighs and hips, as well as a bit of a pull in your lower back. Elevate your breathing and find peace and joy in the postiive vibes with your partner.

The Backpack

Two people standing with their backs connected

The Backpack offering you a great opportunity to practice inversions. The post helps to strengthen each partner’s arms and legs whilst providing support for the partner in inversion to keep balanced. Give quickly cues to each other for further stability, for instance, you can gently suggest them
The Best 10 Yoga Poses for 2 People