Standing Yoga Poses

Balance is a key component in our lives, both fizically and mentally. It is important to keep our balance strong on a daily basis, and yoga is a great way to do so. Here are five standing yoga poses that can help you improve your balace.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose, an effective standing yoga pose to improve balance

The Tree Pose is one of the most recognisable standing yoga poses, and an excellent way to improve your balance. This traditional pose consists of standing on one leg, with your other foot resting on your ankle, inner thigh or calf depending on your flexibility. Make sure to maintain a tall posture and engage your core for a stronger pose.

Warrior 3

The Warrior 3 pose is a challenging but rewarding balance-focused yoga pose. Starting in a wide-legged stance, lean forward to slowly bring your torso, arms and one leg parallel to the ground as you extend your other leg behind you. Keeping your balance in this pose can be difficult, so make sure to stay focused on the posture and keep breathing!

Dancer’s Pose

Dancer's Pose is a standing yoga pose for balance

The Dancer’s Pose is an elegant pose that is both a balance pose and a great stretching pose. The pose starts with standing on one leg, and using your other foot to gently pull your leg behind you, while keeping your hands in the popular ‘namaste’ pose. Look up towards the sky while keeping your posture straight and your breath steady—you’re sure to find balance and grace in this pose.

Half-moon Pose

Half-moon Pose is a standing yoga pose for balance

The Half-moon Pose is another great pose for improving balance. Like the Dancer’s pose, you will start this pose with one leg lifted. Reach up to the sky with your arms and rotate your torso to one side, while keeping your other leg bent and lifted. As you look up and over your shoulder, you will feel your balance increasing and your entire stance will be strengthened.

One-legged Chair Pose

One-legged Chair Pose is a standing yoga pose for balance

The One-legged Chair Pose is a great alternative to the traditional Chair Pose. This pose starts with standing on one leg, while the other leg is bent, and the knee brought forward into a pose resembling the lower part of a chair pose. Try to keep your torso and shoulders straight and reach your arms up to the sky. With practice, keeping this pose for longer and longer periods of time will increase your strength and balance.

Making sure to stay active and in balance is a key component of leading a happy and healthy life. Next time you are looking for a challenge in your yoga practice, give these five standing yoga poses a go and feel the improvement of your strength
5 Standing Yoga Poses to Improve Your Balance - Life by Daily Burn