Standing Yoga Poses For Seniors

Yoga can play a wide range of roles in our lives, from helping us relax to helping us stay cheerful. And it’s a fantastic activity for individuals of all ages too.

Introducing standing yoga, an especially beneficial type of yoga practice for seniors and even new beginners. This form of yoga emphasizes standing postures and standing poses to help you gain greater strength, stability, and balance as you age.

The reason standing yoga is so beneficial is that it helps build strength, coordination, and balance. This type of yoga practice specifically targets the body’s core muscles, helping to reduce aches and pains, stiffness and fatigue, while improving the posture and mobility.

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose (or Tadasana) is the cornerstone of all standing yoga and one of the most popular poses for seniors and beginners alike. To begin, stand with feet parallel and hip-width apart, with your torso upright and spine straight. Place your arms at your sides and contract your abdomen. Focus your attention on your breath and yourself. Hold the pose for a few moments, breathing slowly.

Mountain Pose

Tree Pose

Tree pose (or Vrksasana) is another great pose for seniors to practice. To perform this pose, stand upright with your arms at your sides. To reinforce your balance, focus your attention on a stationary point in the room. Now, lift one foot off the floor and place it either slightly above or below the knee of your standing leg. Make sure to keep your standing foot firmly fixed to the floor.

Keep your gaze up to the ceiling and your body relaxed. Maintain the pose for 10 to 30 seconds, breathing steadily. If you feel unbalanced, move your foot back to the floor and find a new position.

Triangle Pose

The triangle pose (or Trikonasana) is another important pose for seniors trying new standing poses. To begin, stand with feet spaced 4-5 feet apart. Now raise your arms to the side up to shoulder-level. Turn your right foot out to the right by 90 degrees and your left foot by 15-30 degrees. As you inhale, stretch your arms in line with your shoulders. Exhale and slowly bend sideways towards your right foot.

Triangle Pose

Rest your right hand on your right ankle and try to raise your left hand up to the ceiling. Keep your head straight and try to hold the pose for about 30 seconds. Repeat the same on the opposite side as well.

Standing yoga can be incredibly beneficial for seniors and beginners alike. The poses mentioned above are just some of the many which can be used to gain greater strength and balance as one ages. Enjoy practicing these poses and don’t forget to relax and be mindful of your breathing as you move through the postures.

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