Standing Yoga Poses For Kids

Yoga is a great way for children to learn about managing their body and emotions. Kids can learn techniques to relax, stay focused, and gain resilience. It’s also a great way to promote physical health and fitness. Here’s our collection of the ten best yoga postures for kids. These are great poses to get children to learn how to connect with their body, cultivate focus, and playfully enjoy movement.

Mountain Pose

Kids in the Mountain Pose, demonstrating excellent posture

Mountain Pose is an excellent way for kids to start their yoga practice. It helps them hone their sense of balance and builds self-awareness. The pose is also a good way to engage with ground and build a connection to the earth. Have them stand tall with feet hip-width apart, hands by their sides, press into the four corners of their feet, and allow the shoulders to roll back. Encourage them to remain in the pose for a few moments, with the breath, to center and build presence.

Tree Pose

Kids in the Tree Pose, demonstrating focus and balance

This is a classic pose that helps children explore their sense of balance and mindfulness. Begin by having them stand in Mountain Pose, pressing evenly into both feet. On their next breath, cue the child to place one foot at the ankle or calf of the standing leg. Have them close their eyes if they’d like and bring the hands to heart center. Tree Pose helps to instill self-confidence and concentration in children.

Downward Facing Dog

Kids in the Downward Facing Dog Pose, stretching the spine

This pose is excellent for stretching the spine and building strength in the arms. Have children come onto their hands and knees. Spread the fingers wide and tuck the toes. On an exhale, press the hips up and back, drawing the chest towards the thighs. To prevent overextension have children come to their ‘happy place’ and keep their knees slightly bent. Alternative Downward Dog by having children reach to one leg.

Warrior Posture

Kids in the Warrior Pose, building strength and balance

This is a great posture to build strength and balance. Have children step one foot back, turn it in slightly, and bend the forward knee over their ankle. If they’d like they can raise their arms and bring the palms together above their head in prayer pose. Have them square their hips off and points feet in opposite directions. Remind them to have a balance of strong and soft as they practice this pose.

Rag Doll Pose

Kids in the Rag Doll Pose, demonstrating letting go and relaxing

This position is excellent for releasing stress and tension in the body. It helps children to relax the spine and take a break from any strenuous poses. Have them stand in Mountain Pose and take a few deep breaths. On an exhale, let the arms hang heavy and fold forward. If possible, have them get their bellies to the thighs. If that’s not possible, they can simply hang and fold where they are. Allow them to stay in this pose as long as they need and slowly come up when they’re ready.

Cobra Pose

Kids in the Cobra Pose, stretching the abdomen

This posture is great for building strength and stretching the abdomen. Have children lie face down on their mat, placing their hands directly underneath their shoulders. Tell them to press into their legs and use the tops of their feet to lift into the pose. From here, they can lift their torso off the ground using their hands as support while they reach their chest forward. Let them experiment with how far
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