Standing Yoga Poses Balance

Are you looking to improve your balance by practicing yoga? Balance can help with energy and stability, two key components in helping you improve your yoga practice. The yoga poses below are designed to help you achieve more balance while focusing on the core and following proper alignment.

Warrior III

warrior III yoga pose

Warrior III is a great yoga pose to help you improve your balance. Imagine a standing plank position, similar to the down-facing dog pose except with your hips pointed forward. With your body in a line, starting from your hands, tighten your core and extend your other leg back. From this pose, you will be able to work on proper alignment and allow your body to get used to standing on one leg.

Tree Pose

Tree pose is a great pose to start with if you’re just starting to focus on improving your balance. Start in mountain pose and transfer your weight to your left foot. After this, slowly bring the right foot up and place it onto your left inner side of your thigh. Both feet should be pointing the same direction, with your left toes pressing into the floor.

From this pose, you can now start to focus on your alignment and core. Once you have the gains, you can start to close your eyes as you hold this pose for several breaths – this will really help to improve your balance.

Half Moon Pose

half moon pose yoga pose

Half moon is an advanced pose that requires precise focus on alignment and strong balance. Start in standing position, with your back to a wall. With your left foot about one foot away from the wall, slowly transfer your weight to your left side. From here, point your right toes away from the wall then slowly raise your arms, bringing your body in one line extending straight away from the wall.

From there, focus on keeping your exhales alive. This will help keep you from dropping your weight and body back to the wall. Practice deep breathing and focus on keeping your core as strong as possible during this pose.

Eagle Pose

eagle pose yoga pose

Eagle pose is one of the more complicated poses to master but will most definitely improve your balance if done correctly. Start in mountain pose, then cross your right thigh over your left, and wrap your right foot around your left calf. This will take some time and alignment instruction to master the pose.

Once you have the eagle pose down, then focus on keeping your core tightened and your arms in line (if you can lock them into eagle pose) and balance. This pose requires all four corners of the standing foot to be evenly grounded and your body correctly aligned. As you practice and master this pose, your balance will improve hugely.

Dancer Pose

dancer pose yoga pose

Dancer pose might be one of the most beautiful poses in yoga – and it also helps with balance significantly. Start in a standing position, keeping your weight on both feet and your core active. When ready, kick up your right leg, then grab it with your right hand – using your left hand for stability against a wall or something else. Your gaze should be forward, as your body is evenly aligned.

Dancer pose will take a lot of practice to master and to be able to hold it, as balance is somewhat of a challenge while in the pose. As you
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