Standing Balance Poses In Yoga

Have you been searching for new fun, improved balance poses? Look no further! We have designed some fun, creative poses to help you with your balance. And the best part is that they’re all done while standing!

Tree Pose

Woman striking a Tree Pose yoga pose where one foot is lifted and placed on the opposite leg with arms extended pointed up.

Tree Pose is a wonderful way to increase your balance. Start by standing on one foot, with your hips and shoulders squared. Raise your other foot and place the sole on the inside of your standing leg, just below your knee. Now, stretch your arms above your head in a comfortable yet energized fashion. Keep your gaze focused and breathe, as you hold this pose for a few breaths.

Warrior III

The Warrior III Stretch is another excellent standing balance pose. Begin by standing squarely on both feet, legs slightly bent to ensure stability. With a single movement, lift one leg off the floor, toes pointed and both legs straight. Keeping your gaze forward and your arms extended, take a few slow breaths.

Warrior I

Woman striking a Warrior I yoga pose where one foot is flexed and set wide apart from the other leg with arms reaching up towards the sky.

Warrior I is a popular pose used to increase balance and strength. Start with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Allow your arms to float up above your head as you tilt your body forward. With one leg, extend it out from your body, letting your toes point forward or slightly inwards out. Keep your hips open and continue to breathe deeply. Hold for a few breaths then repeat on the other side.

Half Moon

Woman striking a Half Moon yoga pose where one foot is lifted and placed in front with arms extended out towards the side.

The Half Moon is a wonderful way to balance your energy while increasing strength and balance. Start by standing comfortably on both feet, arms extended out. Now, move your body a quarter turn to one side and lift one leg, toes pointing forward. Extend your arms out away from the body, palms pressed together. As you reach out and press into the opposite foot, find a point of focus and breathe.

These are just four of the many Standing Poses that you can use to increase your strength and balance. Whether you’re new to yoga or a practicing yogi, give these poses a try and feel the positive effects!

Standing Yoga Poses That Will Improve Your Balance - YOGA PRACTICE