Your Guide To Spiritual Meditation

You know the importance of mental wellbeing and you are looking for ways to further enhance your spiritual journey? You have come to the right place. Spiritual meditation is an ancient practice that is gaining a resurgence of interest as it helps people everywhere to become connected to the divine, heal their souls and come to a higher level of understanding about the world around them.

What is Spiritual Meditation?

Spiritual meditation is fundamentally different from conventional meditation that focus on calming the acitivy of the mind. It is a practice that is intended to connect the practitioner with the spiritual realm and goes much further than some other forms of contemplative practice.

It’s goal is to provide you with a deeper understanding and awareness of your spiritual side and to awaken latent emotions and spiritual knowledge. Through spiritual meditation, you can put categories between past life experiences and the experiences you possess in your current life.

Everything You Need to Know

Spiritual meditation is a practice that comes with a diverse range of approaches such as yoga, mindful awareness and breathing exercises. In addition to inner relaxation, this practice brings a number of blissful feelings to the body.

The main purpose of spiritual meditation is to ultimately achieve a state of consciousness where self-consciousness absolves and one can become connected with the true inner being – the soul. To do so, it’s important to choose an appropriate setting, and once that has been decided upon, you can begin to actively meditate.

The type of meditation you practise is largely depend on the individual, however, if you are looking for guidance, there are several stages in the spiritual meditation process.

The Four Stages

The first is the preparation stage. This includes calming the mind and focusing your attention inwards. It’s also important to keep the breath gentle and still as it tends to invite in calming energy and allows the body to become aware of the surroundings.

The second stage is studying or learning, breaking down information into small components, and deeply understanding them.

The third stage is called experience; an act of allowing yourself to become open and take part in the spiritual healing process by rolling in all your senses.

Finally, the fourth stage involves finding strength and support. This gives you the momentum to keep going and to remain focused, centered and unshakeable.

By engaging in repeated spiritual meditation, you will be able to improve your spiritual wellbeing, find joy and inner peace, and gain a deeper connection to the soul.


A person with their eyes closed in spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation is a practice that has been gaining increasing popularity as it helps people to become closer to the divine. This type of meditation is more than what traditional meditation entails, and it’s goal is to provide new emotions and spiritual knowledge. There are four stages to spiritual meditation which include preparation, learning, experiencing and gaining strength.

It’s important to note that while there are differing techniques, the entire process usually involves finding a way to relax, moving inward and becoming as aware of the surroundings as possible. Through continuous practice, you can find joy, peace and become connected with your soul in a new way.