Sitting Yoga Poses

Life can be frenetic at times, so it’s no surprise that people looking to escape the hustle and bustle will turn to activities like yoga. But if you’re a beginner, it’s no guarantee that you’ll instantly feel “at one” with meditation and poses – it can be hard to get your head (and limbs) around all the difficult postures at first. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back with the easiest yoga poses for beginners to give you the perfect start.

Tree Pose

Woman sitting in a tree pose

This pose might seem quite difficult, but it’s a fantastic foundational yoga pose – and it’s perfect for beginners. The ‘tree’, or Tadasana, pose is an ideal way to learn how to balance and bring stability in your practice. To do the pose, begin with your feet together and place the palms of your hands on your hips. Lift one leg from the ground and bend the knee, once you’ve done this rest the sole of the foot onto your inner thigh and press your hands together above your head. It might take some time to get comfortable with this pose so try to hold for at least 10 seconds and then switch to each leg.

Warrior One

This pose is an all time favorite. Begin in a straight stance and take a long step to the right – and make sure the feet are apart. The right foot should be a right angle in line with the heel of the left foot whilst you pivot the left foot at a 45-degree angle. Bend the right knee at 90 degrees, so your thigh is parallel to the ground. Reach your arms overhead, with both palms facing each other, and look up towards your hands. This will open up the hips and strengthen your thighs as well as stretch – say goodbye to aching muscles!

Cobbler’s Pose

Woman sitting in a cobbler's pose

The Cobbler Pose is a great starting point for any beginner. Sit up straight and place the soles of your feet together in front of you, allowing your knees to fall outwards. Place your hands on your feet and gently make circles with your knees. As you move your feet, keep the hips firmly rooted in the posture – this will help to increase the hip mobility. The Cobbler Pose helps to open the groin and hip area and improve circulation throughout the lower body.

Cat and Cow Pose

Woman sitting in a cat and cow pose

Start in tabletop position on your hands and knees and make sure your hands are lined up with your shoulders and your knees are lined up with your hips. Engage your core and take a deep breath in and raise your head, pressing your shoulder blades together, and arch your back, this is the cow pose. Then exhale and suck your stomach your head back down, arching your spine towards the ceiling and tucking in your chin, this is the cat pose. The mesh of these two postures relieves back tension and helps to align the spine.

These four yoga poses are ideal for beginners and can be easily adapted depending on what level of pose you’re working towards. It’s important to have the right accompaniments, such as the right clothes and accessories – and even the right music – to make sure your session is as effective as possible. Ensure you’re relaxed and confident before starting any poses and take each one at a time.

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