Shamanic Reiki Training: Enhancing Spiritual Awareness and Healing

Shamanic Reiki training is an integration of the principles of shamanism and Reiki into a comprehensive healing session that amplifies the benefits of both practices. By combining shamanic journeying and channeling of life energy, this technique offers powerful and effective healing for anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, and even illnesses. Shamanic Reiki focuses on the spiritual and energetic levels of the body, enabling practitioners to discover new and innovative ways to facilitate healing.

Shamanism is an ancient belief system that traces its roots to pagan traditions and practices that utilize the gifts of the Earth for healing. While there are various types of shamanism, they all rely on healing techniques that incorporate the use of herbs and communicating with spirits.

Other commonalities in the different forms of shamanism include the belief that shamans are capable of controlling or collaborating with spirits for the betterment of others, that spirits can be either good or bad, and that shamans can treat illnesses and afflictions. Shamans are not just priests who communicate with the living world and the world of spirits but also healers, magicians, and teachers.

When combined with Japanese Reiki, shamanism becomes even more comprehensive and intriguing. Shamanic Reiki employs spiritual energy to identify the areas of the body that require healing. Shamanic healing revolves around the seven chakras of the human body, and practitioners determine which chakra or life force is blocked and concentrate their healing techniques accordingly.

Shamanic Reiki practitioners combine traditional chakra healing techniques, the use of stones and crystals, and the use of medicinal herbs, all of which draw from the foundations of ancient shamanic healing. By combining these shamanic elements with energy channeling techniques from Reiki, Shamanic Reiki can produce highly effective results.

One of the most popular techniques in Shamanic Reiki is the use of crystals during the healing process. Practitioners use quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst to channel the life force energy from the healer’s hands to the person being healed, helping to restore balance to the body’s flow of spiritual energy.

To enhance efficiency, practitioners of Shamanic Reiki use combinations of crystals that seem to work well, doubling the healing process. The selection of crystals is guided by shamanic principles, with the crystals often paired with the colors that correspond to the chakras of the human body.

For instance, the tailbone chakra requires black, red, or brown stones, while the heart chakra needs to be paired with pink or green stones. The crown chakra requires a white stone or crystal, while blue stones are used for the throat area.

Additionally, Shamanic Reiki incorporates other shamanic healing elements such as shape-shifting techniques, the use of symbols, the use of spiritual guides, and even shamanic time journeying or astral travel. While Shamanic Reiki can be a complex practice, the basic idea is straightforward: it employs shamanic traditions and techniques to channel the life force energy within us to promote healing.