Restorative Yoga Poses With Bolster

Restorative yoga a great way to relax and de-stress. But when you’re suffering from that stubborn ache or pain, you need a little bit more. That’s where using a bolster can be helpful. Bolsters are great tools to give your body some extra support and make staying in a pose easier, so you can enjoy a wonderful rest. Here are some of our favorite restorative yoga poses with a bolster.

Supported Bridge

Start by lying down flat on your back. Place the bolster just below your shoulder blades. You can now clasp your hands to the chest or stretch your arms out wide on the ground. Extend your legs and hip, pointing your toes towards the sky. Allow your breath and gravity to deepen into the posture. Make sure that your chin is tucked in and your shoulder blades rotate away from each other. Stay here for 8-10 long deep breaths.

Supported Child’s Pose

This supported chest stretch is great for opening the heart and chest area. Start on hands and knees in traditional Child’s Pose. Place the bolster upright in front of you and rest your forehead gently against the bolster. Rest your upper arms on the sides of the bolster and find the stretch. The goal here is to release into the posture and allow your body to sink in. Stay here for 10 long deep breaths.

Supported Boat Pose

This pose is great for improving abdominal strength and stretching. Place the bolster on top of your mat. Sit up straight and place your hands on the bolster. Slowly, lean back until your bodyweight is resting on the bolster. Lift your feet parallel to the ground and remain in this position for 8-10 breaths. To release from the pose, slowly roll onto your left side, curl into a ball, and then press yourself up back onto your seat.

Supported Seated Forward Fold

The Seated Forward Fold is great for stretching the hamstrings and spine, while giving the back a deep tissue massage. Place the bolster horizontally on your mat and sit on top of it. Bend your knees and eventually lie down with the bolster under your hips and torso. Stretch your arms overhead and begin to stretch forward, searching for your toes and/or the ground. Enjoy this position as it unlocks tension in the back of the legs. Stay here for 8-10 breaths.

Supported Reclined Spinal Twist

The reclined spinal twist is a wonderful pose for releasing stress from the entire body. Place the bolster horizontally under your torso, with one end near your sacrum. Bend your knees and place the feet flat on the ground. Reach for the knee of the same side arm and guide it down the bolster towards your opposite shoulder. Take a few more breaths into this twist before coming back to center. Finally, move your head to the side to release the strain from your neck.

Supported Corpse Pose