Restorative Yoga Poses With Blocks

Have you ever woken up and feeling so refreshed that you just want to move into different positions? Well the Prone Savasana could be the perfect option for those of you who want to try something unique. This position is rather unique, and you have the option to move into different positions after you have tried it out.

Image of person performing Prone Savasana moveDETAIL + DEPTH

Prone Savasana is a move that may be a bit intimidating to those just starting out with yoga. But once the basics are mastered and you’re ready to take your routine to the next level, Prone Savasana can be a great way to stretch out and increase strength and flexibility in the body. Before getting started in Prone Savasana, make sure you warm up your body appropriately and ensure there is enough room to stretch out your arms, legs and torso while still being comfortable.

Basically, Prone Savasana is a move that involves laying on the ground in a shallow prone position. Place your arms at your sides and relax your body by letting it sink into the ground. As you settle into the move, focus on your breath and try to match the rhythm of your inhale and exhale with the movement of your body on the floor. As your body becomes more relaxed, start to move your arms and legs in opposite directions while inhaling and exhaling. This helps to keep the body balanced while you sink further and further into the pose.

Once you feel truly relaxed, you can move into different positions (called variations) after Prone Savasana. This could include a prone twist, raising your arms above your head, or even just sitting up on your knees. Doing different variations after you master the basics of Prone Savasana is a great way to perfect your practice and increase relaxation. Practicing Prone Savasana can also be a wonderful way to reset and reset your mind as you connect with your breath and body on a deeper level during the move.

So if you’re looking for a unique and relaxing way to stretch out your body and mind, Prone Savasana is a great way to get started. Just don’t forget to warm up and make sure you have enough room to fully stretch out before you dive in. That way you can truly relax and achieve the full benefits of this amazing pose.