Poses De Yoga Challenge

Yoga is a popular exercise that’s great for strengthening the body and calming the mind. Whether you’re practicing yoga to improve your overall health or just increase your flexibility, there’s a type of yoga pose that can work for you. But out of the hundreds of postures available, which one do you find most enjoyable? We spoke with some yoga lovers to see which poses they prefer.

Pigeon Pose

woman in a position of the Pigeon pose

Cindy Lung loves the Pigeon pose, also known as Anjaneyasana. She explains why this posture is one of her favourites: “To me, the Pigeon pose helps to release so much tension in the glutes and hips, as well as stretch the legs. Plus, it feels so good after a hard workout!” To perform the Pigeon pose, start in a tabletop position with your hands placed under shoulders and your knees under hips. Slide your right knee forward until it’s roughly at a 90-degree angle and your right foot is facing outward. Then, stretch your left leg out straight behind you. To finish the posture, exhale as you lower your torso forward.

Tree Pose

Sarah Hill’s favourite yoga pose is the Tree pose, or Vrksasana. She enjoys this posture for its balancing elements: “I love the Tree pose because it helps me to build strength, improve stability, and focus on my breathing, all while maintaining balance.” To get into the Tree pose, first shift your weight onto one foot. Once you’ve achieved balance, bring the sole of your other foot to rest against your shin or thigh, depending on your level of flexibility. To finish the pose, focus on your breathing and maintain a sense of stillness, focusing your gaze on a single point in front of you.

Bridge Pose

woman in the Bridge pose

Finally, for Nate Conicello it’s the Bridge pose that’s his go-to posture. He explains why: “My favourite yoga pose is the Bridge, because it’s a great way to open up the chest and shoulders. Plus, it helps to work the core!” To get into the Bridge pose, start lying down with your arms at your sides. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground with your soles facing upward. With your feet hip-width apart, press into your feet and lift your hips into the air. If possible, clasp your hands together and push them toward the ground for a deeper stretch. Hold the pose for a few breaths.

Yoga postures offer a range of benefits and can help to improve strength, flexibility, and overall health. From the tranquil Pigeon pose to the energizing Tree pose, there’s a posture out there for every fitness level. So get out there and find your own favourite pose!

What’s your favourite yoga pose? | Toronto Caribbean Newspaper