Pictures Of Yoga Poses For 2

Two person Yoga poses are a great way to get a workout with a friend, strengthen the bond of your relationship, and have a little fun at the same time. Performing poses with a partner can challenge you both physically and mentally, while taking your practice to the next level.


Two people flying in the air in the Bakasana yoga pose

Bakasana is an active arm balance that not only looks impressive but is also an awesome core workout. Start in a low squat then have your partner holds your ankles as you look forward. Keep your gaze on one spot and press your palms firmly against the floor as you lean into your arms. Bend your elbows and lift your body into a straight line, squeeze your core. Hold the pose for several breaths and release.

Yogic Fly

Yogic Fly is an energizing pose that combines a strong backbend with a deep stretch of the legs. Start by asking your partner to stand in front of you with feet slightly wider than your hips. Hold your partner’s hands as your bend your knees and raise your arms high above your head. Put your weight into the arms as you open through your chest, back, and hips. Tuck your chin into your chest as your gently move back and forth to open the spine and release tight shoulders.

Hero Pose

Two people in the Hero yoga pose

Hero Pose is a simple yet powerful pose that typically requires assistance to help deepen the stretch in the legs. Start in aLow Lunge and lean backward onto your partners’ shins. Your partner can adjust the height of their shins that best suits your body. Push your hips down and lengthen your spine as your partner moves back and forth to massage your quads. Stay in the pose for several breaths and relax into the stretch.

Legs Up The Wall

Two people in the Legs Up The Wall yoga pose

Legs up the Wall is a restorative pose that is perfect after a long day of activity or hard workouts. Sit next to the wall with your hips against it and then recline onto your back. Lift your legs and have your partner assists you by holding them up. Focus on your breath and let your body relax as you feel your hammies and calves releasing. Stay in the posture for 5 minutes before releasing.

Two person yoga poses are a great way to bring a friend into your practice and enjoy spending time with someone special. Each pose has multiple benefits that will encourage you to stretch deeper, and will help you get the most out of your yoga practice. So grab a partner and test out some of these poses for a fun and challenging experience.
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