Partner Yoga Poses For Kids

Yoga is a great way to teach kids the importance of fitness, flexibility and focus. Partner yoga allows you to get kids moving, while helping them to learn better ways to interact with each other. Here are some fun partner yoga poses that are easy enough for young kids to master!

Tree Pose

Two children standing with both hands on a tree stump, facing each other in the tree pose

This pose is easy to master and helps with concentration and focus. To do the tree pose, have the children stand one in front of the other and reach up to interlock their hands. Then, the person in the back will support the one in front while they balance on one foot.

Lion Pose

This pose is an easy and fun way to help children with their emotional control. To do the lion pose, have children sit cross-legged facing each other and touch their thumbs to their index fingers. Then, have them put their hands over their mouths and make a little lion roar together.

Cow Pose

Two children facing each other in a kneeling position while making an arch with their arms

This pose is a great way to teach kids how to find support and balance with each other. To do the cow pose, have the children kneel facing each other. Then have the children place their arms in an arch and press against each other’s hands in either direction.

Eagle Pose

Two children in a back to back position with folded arms and legs

This pose is a fun and challenging way for kids to practice balance and coordination. To do the eagle pose, have the children stand back to back, wrap their opposite arm and leg around each other and hold the position. Its a great way for kids to experience stretching in a safe, comfortable manner.

Warrior Pose

Two kids standing back to back with arms raised

This pose helps to boost courage and confidence in children. To perform the warrior pose, have the children stand back to back. Then, have them lift their arms upward, bend their elbows and clasp their hands together. The children should then focus on keeping their balance while squeezing their hands together.

Partner yoga poses are a great way to get kids active and increase their focus, flexibility and coordination. Whether you’re a parent, teacher or caretaker, yoga can be a fun and rewarding activity to add to your weekly routine. All of these poses are easy and safe for children to practice and can help teach important values for them to use both on and off the yoga mat!
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