How To Get Stone Can In Merge Mansion

Stone can a difficult element to acquire in Merge Mansion. But with careful observation and practice, all players are able to acquire the stone can if they put in the effort.

Raking up leaf piles

The simplest way to acquire stone can is to rake up the leaf piles found scattered around the Mansion. This is most often found outside the Mansion in sunny areas. The leaf piles consist of colorful leaf pieces and after raking, players can acquire the stones can.

Digging through flower pots

Another way to acquire stone can is to dig through the flower pots, which can be found around the Mansion. This can be also done outside the Mansion. Players can dig through the flower petals and once they reach the ground level, they can find pieces of stone can spread around the pots.

Mining in the abandoned mineshafts

The most rewarding method to acquire the stone can is to explore the abandoned mineshafts. These can be found by going deeper inside the Mansion. The mineshafts are often littered with pieces of stone can and players can also collect more pieces by mining the shafts. As an added bonus, some of the abandoned mineshafts have rare items as well.

Merge objects

Apart from the activities mentioned above, players can also acquire the stone can by merging objects. This means combining two objects to create a new one. This way, players can create objects that may contain some stone can as well. This method is a bit difficult and time consuming, but it can also yield great rewards.

Following the above mentioned methods, all players should be able to find stone can with ease in Merge Mansion. Make sure to search as much as possible and look out for any possible sources of the stone can to ensure that you always have enough supply. Good luck and have fun exploring!

How To Get Stone Can In Merge Mansion - JacquelynnTom