10 Min Meditation For Labor And Delivery

A woman’s labor and delivery is a special time that marks the beginning of motherhood, so it is important to practice relaxation and stress reduction techniques to achieve a more positive labor experience. Meditation is an excellent complement to traditional labor preparation, and a great way to get in touch with your innermost needs, fears, hopes, and expectations. 10 minutes of meditative practice can induce a state of deep relaxation and elevate mental readiness for the labor and delivery processes.

Breathing for Relaxation

Calming the breath is one of the most simple and effective techniques for bringing on a deep meditative state. Inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply through the nose will bring a revitalizing energy to both mind and body.

A woman sitting in a lotus position meditating in an outdoor scenic area

Using relaxation and breathing techniques during labor can help a woman to focus inward and stay in control. The more one is able to stay relaxed, the easier labor and delivery becomes.

Focusing Your Mind

One of the most beneficial aspects of meditation is its ability to help us focus our mind on the task at hand. Concentrating on a single point of focus is an important practice for channeling attention away from the intensity of the labor and delivery experiences.

Identifying a simple mantra or phrase that encourages strength and positivity can be used during labor to bring an increased level of inner peace. For example, repeating the phrase “my body is strong, my mind is calm” with every breath can help draw attention away from the physical sensations of labor and delivery, allowing a woman to maintain her concentration and focus.

Posture and Movement

Finding comfortable postures can be a great aid in practicing meditation during labor. Whether it is sitting cross-legged in a chair or lying down with pillows to support the body in a relaxing way, it is important to find an upright posture that will enable one to relax and place the mind in a meditative state.

A woman sitting in a lotus position meditating in a room

In combination with mindful breathing, gentle movement like rocking or swaying helps keep the body relaxed during the process. Incorporating simple massage techniques such as stroking the arms or neck can be a great way to maintain inner calm and comfort.


Visualizations and affirmations are important tools to use when preparing for labor and delivery. Imagining the baby entering the body can be a very empowering and special experience, helping to manage stress and keeping the mind and body relaxed.

A woman standing in an outdoor area with her eyes closed visualizing something” /></p>
<p>It is helpful to use mantras and affirmations throughout the labor as well. Slowing down and focusing on phrases like “I am safe, I am relaxed” or “My body knows what to do” will help activate the body’s natural labor-inducing hormones and create a positive and peaceful environment.</p>
<p>Infusing 10 minutes of meditation and relaxation techniques into a labor and delivery plan can be a powerful and positive experience. With the right tools, a woman can enter delivery feeling strong, confident, and prepared.</p>
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