Tft And Yoga With High-tech Meditation

TFT, or Thought Field Therapy, is becoming the hottest new trend in relaxation and relaxation-based therapies. It’s a relatively new form of therapy that has its basis in the ancient practice of yoga. It’s similar to yoga, but with a few twists.

How Does TFT Work?

It’s very simple. Basically, TFT works by combining cognitive therapy techniques, conscious body awareness principles, and guided visualization techniques in order to help people become more relaxed and find relief from stress and anxiety. TFT works by guiding clients through a series of slow and rhythmic movements that focus on specific sensations in the body. These sensations then help to bring the body and mind into a deeper state of relaxation. This deeper state of relaxation then helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and other unhealthy emotions.

High-Tech Meditation

TFT also incorporates elements of high-tech meditation into its processes. In high-tech meditation, clients are guided through a series of breathing exercises and visualizations that help them to access different levels of awareness. The goal is to help people reach a deeper understanding of their emotions and more control over their feelings.

TFT and Yoga

TFT is often compared to yoga due to its emphasis on calming the body and mind. However, the similarities seem to end there. Unlike yoga, TFT does not involve poses or complicated postures. Instead, it uses simple movements and mental imagery exercises to help people relax and become more self-aware. Additionally, TFT practitioners often combine the use of touchy-feely cues, such as gentle taps, in order to deepen and improve the relaxation process.

The Benefits of TFT

The benefits of TFT are numerous. First and foremost, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels and improves emotional regulation. Additionally, it can help improve focus and concentration by helping people to become more aware of their thoughts and feelings. Finally, it can help people to become more present in the moment and mindful of their environment.

TFT And High-Tech Meditation

Incorporating high-tech meditation into TFT is a great way to deeply relax and experience total body and mind healing. By combining elements of cognitive therapy, conscious body awareness, and guided visualization with deep breathing and mental imagery, TFT practitioners can guide you through a journey of peace and deep healing.


Picture of a man doing yoga/TFT
Leandro is just one of the many people who have been able to relax and gain relief from stress and anxiety with TFT and high-tech meditation. By combining various relaxation techniques, Leandro is now able to achieve deeper and longer lasting relaxation, improved emotional regulation, and a better understanding of his thoughts and feelings.