Meditation Word Search

Mediation is an age-old practice that helps us direct our attention and remain present. Our breath serves as a gentle anchor as we observe and become aware of our thoughts and feelings, without judgement. The practice of meditating helps bring clarity and presence to our minds and can be hugely beneficial to our mental and physical health. With meditating, we create space to let go of any negative, energy-consuming thoughts, and instead open our hearts to cultivate newfound compassion and understanding.

Word Search

Word search is a wonderfully creative way to explore the concept of meditation and to put our newfound understanding into practice. The aim is to use your finger or a pencil to search for words like ‘breathe’, ‘focus’, and ‘mindful’ amidst a chaotic jumble of letters and ultimately identify the hidden meaning within. This can be a great starting point for exploring and deepening our practice. Plus, it’s a great way to get your brain energized and give your mind a much needed break, if only for a few moments.

Creating Space to Let Go

When we choose to meditate, part of the practice includes a strong desire to let go of any expectations or ideas about how our practice is meant to be. Meditation can be done in a variety of different ways, from setting intentions and making space for a few moments of pure stillness to getting into a more active flow and moving our bodies to live music.

Observing Without Judgment

One of the most important elements of meditating is observing our internal states without hard judgement. We often get caught up in the relentless thought cycle that can consume us and can easily forget how to be mindful and simply let go. Equally, it’s important to be kind to ourselves and acknowledge our successes, even if they feel small.

Mindful Self-Care

Making a conscious effort to be mindful and aware of our state of being is a powerful form of self-care. Taking some time to focus on our breath and remind ourselves that we are worthy and loved can be deeply healing. The practice of meditation gives us the opportunity to just sit with ourselves and observe the rhythm of our natural breath; the simple act of listening to our heartbeats is an incredible reminder that our bodies are alive and capable of amazing things!

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