Margaret Wells Meditation and Biography

Meet Margaret Wells. A strong-minded and inspirational leader who isn’t afraid to express her opinion, despite the odds, proving time and time again that the power of the human spirit is something to be admired and respected. In a man’s world, she stands her ground and doesn’t take no for an answer, a true testament to the power of being a fierce and independent woman.

Her Story

image of Margaret Wells

The show Harlots follows Margaret’s story as she struggles to build a strong and successful brothel business, in the face of competition and oppression. We watch her go toe to toe with powerful men, seeing her use her wit and wisdom to come out on top. This plucky entrepreneur is an excellent example for strong and professional women everywhere in business.

Her Talents

In her personal life, she is a devoted mother, loyal friend, and independent thinker. She takes time to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, whether it’s the joy of a well oiled business machine or having a chat over tea with her daughter, she looks for the lesson in every situation.

She uses her unique skills set to face many difficult obstacles, any one of which would bring most of us to our knees. She follows through on every challenge she faces, developing her own ideas and strategies, proving her dedication and commitment to her goals. She is admired by her peers and respected by her enemies. a true leader who puts her peers and family first.

Her Legacy

Margaret is an inspiration to us all. Through her struggles, she never gives up, constantly pushing ahead and never giving up, even in the face of incredible adversity. In her world, a woman’s strength is taken for granted and her talents are used for her own personal gain. But she never wavers, taking each day as a new opportunity for success.

We could all learn from Margaret’s example. She has courage, determination, and drive. She never stops striving for her goals, never allows herself to be pushed down with the weight of difficulty or the criticism of others, and continuously rises above it all. A true beacon of hope and inspiration for all.