Kids Yoga Poses

Introducing yoga to kids can help them lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle even at a young age. While yoga is not just physical exercise, it can help kids become aware of their breathing, relaxation and of course, the postures. Whether kids want to improve their physical stamina and balance, increase their flexibility or reduce stress, yoga can help them find an answer in a fun way. Here are a few easy postures they can try at home or school.

Tree Pose

Image of child doing tree pose

Tree pose is a great way to teach kids about balance. While standing up, they can bring the bottom of their left foot onto their right thigh and balance on one foot with their arms up in the air. This will help them focus on the standing foot, stretch their arms and engage their core.

Downward Dog

Downward dog is a pose that is suitable for children of all ages and abilities. Kids can start by coming down onto hands and knees, then put their feet and hands on the ground and lift their buttocks up. This pose will help them to stretch the back and hamstrings, and will make them feel invigorated.

Cat pose

Image of child doing cat pose

A fun and easy posture, most kids love the cat pose. Start in hands and knees position, inhale and lift the buttocks up, exhale and round the spine up towards the ceiling, like a cat stretching. To make it more fun, kids can meow like a cat. This posture helps them to stretch their back and abdomen.

Cobra Pose

Image of child doing cobra pose

Cobra pose helps to stretch the front of the body and strengthen the back. While lying on their stomach, kids can put their hands on either side of the chest, with the elbows bent and palms on the ground. They can raise their upper body and look straight ahead, with the chest and stomach on the ground. This posture works for the entire spine, especially the lower back.

Boat Pose

Image of child doing boat pose

Boat pose is one of the postures kids can do while sitting down. They start in a seated position with their feet on the floor and hands by their side. Then they can lean back while lifting their feet off the ground, with their knees and calves at a 90 degree angle. Boat pose is a great postures to increase their core strength and strengthen their lower back, without stress.

Yoga helps children to become aware of their body and helps them stay focused. With regular practice and guidance, kids can benefit from physical, mental and emotional health. There are lots of kids yoga postures, and these five simple postures can help them get started.

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