Intimate Couples Yoga Poses

Yoga provides a great way to stay physically and mentally active while getting your relationship to the next level. Some of the best parts of practicing yoga as a couple is that it can increase your physical connection, while engaging your communication skills in order to stay in sync. Furthermore, couple yoga poses give an opportunity to build trust, practice patience and cultivate your relationship.

Bound Angle Pose With A Twist

image of partners in siting position facing each other with their legs intertwined and reaching for each others arms

The Bound Angle Pose with a Twist is a great yoga pose for couples since it encourages teamwork and builds mutual trust. Both partners start in an easy seated position facing each other. Next, intertwine the legs and attempt to open them as wide as possible, depending on how flexible each partner is. Once in the pose, both partners must reach out and clasp hands together. Finally, twist the bodies and engage your abs, creating a stretch through the spine without compromising the breath. This pose will require both patience and focus with your partner, as the final transition can be a bit tricky.

Standing Splits

The Standing Splits Pose is an excellent way to practice patience in the relationship. The dominant partner will start by grabbing the back of the calves of their partner, and pulling them up onto their toes, as you bend the knees with any remaining power you have. The dominant partner should be conscious of not applying too much force or weight making sure to be gentle with their partner. Once both partners reach a deep stretch, the partner being stretched will focus on the breath and on staying present, while the pushing partner will use their core to help support their partner.

Supported Tripod Headstand

image of partners in headstand position helping each other for balance

The Supported Tripod Headstand Pose is an exciting pose for couples to practice! The partners will begin in table top position, meaning each partner will form a table by placing the hands and knees on the ground. Once in this position, the dominant partner will lift the partner they’re lifting up towards the headstand, one hand at a time. After both partners come into full headstand, stay and hold the position, finding balance and stability with one another. This pose requires focal point and strength, as both partners need to obtain a level of trust with one another.

Wheel Of Dharma Pose

image of partners back to back in arching position, each person pushing and lifting each other up with their feet

The Wheel of Dharma Pose is a creative way to build physical and emotional trust in the relationship. The partners will begin from opposite sides of the mat, slowly crawling in opposite directions until both persons are back to back. From here, one partner will lift the other partner with their feet as each partner pushes into their feet to create an arch like position. Once this pose is attainable, allow the upper body to relax, aiding in the returning of breath after the challenging move. This pose encourages a full body workout, while still maintaining a deep physical connection with one another.

Forward Bend To Embrace

image of partners in standing position embracing each other while one person is bent forward

The Forward Bend To Embrace pose is a great way for couples to get close. Both partners stand
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