Hard Yoga Poses For 3

Yoga is a journey to the inner self, so why not add a little extra creativity by including friends and family? Acro yoga is a great way to cultivate your strength and connection by performing poses and breathing together. Whether you are a beginner yogi or an experienced one, here are some great 3 person yoga poses that you can take on with friends or family.

The Triangle

Three person forming a triangle shape in acro yoga

This manoeuver is a great starting point for a group of yogis of any level. Form a triangle with each of your friends or family members, maintaining a few feet of space between each yogi. Ground down through your bases, your hands, and keep your head reaching forward with a long spine. This pose helps to increase strength and to maintain proper alignment+.

The Pyramid

The pyramid pose is an intermediate acro-yoga pose that requires an extra bit of trust between the participants. Start by finding the pyramid formation with your friends in a standing position. Make sure to keep your knees soft, your fingers interlaced, and your spine long. Your top person will then lean hito the pyramid and lift their legs off of the ground. As you hold the pose with your friends, you will likely find a sense of stability and intense focus.

The Sandwich

Three person forming a sandwich shape in acro yoga

Start by laying on the ground, either facing up or down. Depending on your level of comfort, you and your friends can join hands or feet together. Then, the top person will slowly press into their hands and draw the mid and lower people closer until a sandwich is created. During the pose, make sure to focus your strength and maintain constant breath. You may find that taking turns as the top, mid, and lower person can be fun, but also help you experience a balance of gravitational and muscular pull.

The Boat

Three person forming a boat shape in acro yoga

The boat pose is an advanced position from acro-yoga that requires a lot of trust, strength, and coordination. Start by forming a triangle formation with your friends, again placing a small distance between each person. The middle person will then lift their legs straight up, and the other two participants will gently grab onto their ankles. This pose requires a lot of coordination, trust, and breathing together to keep the boat balanced.

Yoga poses certainly become more exciting with the addition of friends and family. Whether you are new to yoga or experienced in acro-yoga, there are plenty of 3 person yoga poses that you can try out with friends or family. Try out the Triangle, Pyramid, Sandwich, and Boat postures and see which one fits your practice the best.

3 Person Yoga Poses: Easy and Challenging Acro Yoga Positions