Hard Yoga Poses For 2

Yoga is a fantastic way to relax and explore physical boundaries as well exercise mind and body. Doing yoga with a partner can add a new dimension to the experience. Not only you have to work on perfect your own form, but you also have to trust and rely on someone else. Working with another person can help to deepen the poses, add a fun challenge and create a beautiful and unique connection. Here are 13 really hard two person yoga poses that you can try with a friend.

Forearm Balance

Two people doing the forearm balance pose

This pose requires trust and strength from both partners. Start by facing each other and linking your forearms. You will press each other’s arms inward and lift your feet off the ground. Your feet should be together and hold the pose for 5 or more deep breaths.


The interlochen pose has both partners kneeling and facing each other. One partner grasps the other’s hands creating a strong connection and grip. From here, both partners will take a deep breath and shift their weight forward raising their legs into the air. Take a few breaths in the pose and gently come out.

High Plank

People in the high plank two-person yoga pose

The high plank is a challenging two-person yoga pose that requires a strong bond between partners. With both partners in a plank position, one person will stand up on their toes and pass one foot between the partners. The person on the floor must also lift their top leg. Both partners will then press their chest forward and hold the position as they take deep breaths.

Two Man Boat

Two people doing the two man boat yoga pose

This pose will help to strengthen both partners’ abdominals. On the floor, one partner will lie on their back and the other partner will sit in front of them facing the opposite direction. Both partners will then hold each other’s hands, press their legs together and lift up to form a boat shape. Maintain your grip, balance and breath as you stay in the pose.


Two people in the airplane yoga pose

For this pose, both partners will start in a plank position. The person in the back will lift up one leg and the person in front will grab the back person’s foot. The person in the back will then lift their leg upward and bring it to the back of their head, extending the leg outward. Stay in the pose for 3 or more breaths.

Flamingo on River Bank

Two people in the flamingo on river bank yoga pose

For this challenging pose, one partner will lie on their back with their feet in the air. The other partner will stand in front of the first partner and grab the foot. The stand partner will then lean back and bend their legs in a deep squat while the first partner extends their legs forward. If possible, have the second partner bend backward using their arms to deepen the pose.


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