Gymnastics Yoga Poses For 2

Having a friend or partner that can help you reach further in your goals makes life much better. Working together towards those goals makes the journey there much more exciting. The same certainly applies to fitness goals!

Acro Yoga

Two people are balancing in complex acro yoga poses

Acro yoga is a fusion of yoga and acrobatics that requires trust, strength, and communication. You will be working intimately with your partner, building communication and trust. This form of exercise requires two people for most poses, and benefits both partners in different ways. It challenges endurance, encourages communication, and will help increase your balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility with the help of a partner. No matter what level the two partners are, challenges can be found that suits the skill level of each partner.

Partner Handstand

Partner handstands are a perfect example of teamwork that helps you to achieve more than you could on your own. Not only will you benefit from focusing on balance, strength, and precision, you will also learn about trust and support. Wouldn’t it be amazing to look over and see the person you are with was there to help you make it to a higher goal? Mastering this pose will help you hold your own handstands and strengthen your posture. You can also make it even harder by raising one arm and shifting the body’s weight to the other side.

Double Plank

Two people are doing a double plank exercise

The double plank is another great partner exercise that will help you work on core and overall body strength. By holding the plank together and with the help of partners pushing, pulling, pushing harder and harder; you will learn breath and concentration, focus and balance. This exercise provides more benefit when done with a partner due to the motion of the push and pull between the two. With a partner, you will learn how to support, respect, trust and also to follow.

Partner Yoga Poses

Two people are doing a double partner yoga pose

Using a partner for deep stretching and earth connected breathing also helps reduce stress, increase strength and stability. Partner yoga poses encourage teamwork, full body relaxation, and communication. You can attempt balancing poses as a duo or even using the resistance of two people to increase the effectiveness of certain poses. This will help you and your partner stretch, breathe, relax and reach your goals together.

The support of another person can help to build strength, trust and community that we hopelessly need today. Working out with a partner, buddy or friend that can help you stay focused and on track to reach any goals, is better than you trying to do it alone. Whatever your goals, it can be achieved when you stay consistent, have fun, and have someone there to push your limits with.

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