Good Friday Meditation

We all need some soothing comfort and healing during these turbulent times. While many will look to their faith for comfort, finding personal peace can often be difficult. For many who observe Good Friday, it’s a time of reflection and meditation.

Let Go & Make Room for The New

Close up photo of woman doing meditation with hands in prayer on a beach

The purpose of meditation on this special day is to take it as an opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves us, reflecting on the learnings we have thus far and making room for new perspectives and inspirations. The freedom that results from such a practice can be incredibly transformational, allowing us to become more empowered to live more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

A Guided Journey Into The Present Moment

This guided Good Friday meditation takes us into an experience of the stillness that lies beneath the waves of emotions, stories and beliefs. In this space of inner peace, we can more easily surrender the need to control, instead allowing life to unfold with a greater trust and acceptance.

By giving ourselves permission to just be without striving for a specific outcome, we can gain a sense of renewed strength. Life will present us with plenty of opportunities for doubt, guilt, judgment and pain, but it is through embracing the present moment and taking refuge within ourselves that we can find authentic peace, joy and love.

Living from The Heart

It is with this sense of renewed inspiration that we can begin to live from the heart. We can gain a full appreciation of the life that is around us and the soul-level connection that exists between people, animals and the environment. With a heart-centered approach, we make choices that are more deeply aligned with our highest good, allowing us to make a worthwhile contribution to our lives and the world.

Take a few moments for yourself today and may this be the start of a more meaningful exploration of yourself and the life that you dream of living. Invite peace and acceptance into your heart and experience true freedom by simply being with yourself.