Fun Yoga Poses For Two

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular, and not just among adults. Many parents are looking for ways to get their kiddos involved in the regime of stretching, posing, and breathing. Kids Yoga is an excellent way to introduce yoga to children of all ages, and it has plenty of proven benefits. With the right poses, your kids can find physical and mental benefits that come along with yoga, accompanied by mindfulness and relaxation. Here are 10+ yoga poses that are easy for pairs or groups of kids to do together.

Standing Forward Bend

a group of kids standing in the standing forward bend position

The Standing Forward Bend is an easy pose for kids to do together. The Standing Forward Bend is great for increasing flexibility in the hamstrings, lower back and hips. As your kids bend over, instruct them to keep their legs firmly rooted with feet in line with their shoulders.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is another great pose to do with partners or groups. Teach your kids to move their shoulder blades down their backs and press their palms firmly into the mat as they exhale into this pose. This pose is great for stretching the back and shoulders, and for increasing circulation.

Tree Pose

a group of kids in the tree pose position

The Tree Pose is a great pose to do with partners or a group of kids. It’s perfect for building coordination and balance, as well as focusing on the breath. Encourage your kids to press the foot of their lifted leg firmly into the standing leg, and to extend the arms above their head in a slight vertical line.

Dancer-Linking Pose

a group of kids doing the dancer linking pose

The Dancer-Linking Pose is an incredibly fun yoga pose, and it’s also perfect for groups of kids. Essentially, this pose involves stretching and reaching the arms out to the sides and using an open hand to ‘link’ with a partner’s hand. This pose is great for developing strength, coordination, and confidence.

Bridge Pose

a group of kids doing the bridge pose

The Bridge Pose is a great group pose for kids, as it helps stretch the chest, neck and spine, as well as relieve stress and fatigue. Kids should start by lying flat on their back, knees bent and feet flat. Next, have them lift their hips off the ground, allowing their arms to reach towards their feet.

Lizard Pose

a group of kids in the lizard pose

The Lizard Pose is the perfect partner yoga pose that challenges the body and mind. Kids should begin by standing side-by-side and grab the hands of their partner while extending their arms to the side. Next, they should squat down, increasing the depth of the squat with each inhalation of breath.

Staff Pose

a group of kids in the staff pose

The Staff Pose is a simple seated pose that kids of all ages can do together. Start by having them sit down
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