Pin On Devotionals

The modern spiritual journey is often a solitary one – seeking solace, enlightenment and guidance seemingly alone in this world. Yet, those of us on this journey often feel the need to reach out and connect with part of something larger. Pinning into this journey can be our answer and guidance.

A Pin Gives Guidance

View of a city skyline at dusk, with buildings illuminated by streetlamps with a yellowish hue

Pinning can be a powerful tool. Saved images can give us the visual cues, metaphors, reminders and affirmations we need to drive our progress on the journey. We can pluck out pins and add to our existing spiritual life. Pins can be inspirational, comedic and thought provoking.

A Pin Can Connect You

In our spiritual lives, pinning can be used to connect with a larger spiritual source. A single pin can help you find guidance, peace and assurance, just when you need it most. On this journey, pins can help you locate (or head towards) the answers that you need to move forward. And above all, pinning can be a fun and creative way to express your unique journey.

Pinning Can Show Us the Way

View of a city skyline lit up at night

So why not use pins to explore our spiritual paths? Whether it’s religious, non-religious, traditional, or something new, pinning can give us the tools to craft our paths and explore our journeys. Each pin can carry with it a reminder, a message, a metaphor, and a visual symbol of where we are on the journey. Pinning can remind us that we are never alone.

A Pin Can Keep You on Course

View of a white illuminated building connected to a beach

So let those pins sail our spirits, show us the way and keep us organized. Whether it’s images of the night sky or a standing stone at Stonehenge, let pins help us chart our course on the journey. Let pins make the spiritual experience real, and make this journey real for you. Pinning makes the spiritual journey accessible to everyone, no matter what their spiritual path.

Pin on Devotionals