Easy Yoga Poses

Yoga is an ancient practice known to reduce stress, increase flexibility and other health benefits for adults for thousands of years. What many people don’t might not realize is that kids can benefit from — and actually enjoy — yoga too!

Tree Pose

Child standing on one foot with arms raised in a tree shape.

This classic pose promotes balance, concentration and a sense of connectedness with nature. Begin by having your child stand with one foot in the center of the other, arms raised up, guiding your child to conform their arms into a tree shape.

Balance Table

Similar to the table pose, the balance table requires balance and focus. Instruct your child to stand on one foot with the other leg raised up and both arms extended. Their hands should remain on the ground with their hands supporting the side of their waist. If desired, you can add blocks or other props to aid in the balancing process.

Lion Pose

Child on their knees with hands on the ground and their head look forward

Lion pose not only increases flexibility, but it also helps your child practice their breathing. To do this pose have your child kneel down with their hands on the ground, back straight but relaxed, their head pointed forward and their mouth open wide like a lion. Instruct your child to take deep breaths through their nose and to exhale loudly.

Butterfly Pose

Child with their feet together and hands on the ground pushing their knees away from them.

This incredibly simple pose requires little effort and allows children to find stillness. Have your child sit up with their feet soled together and hands pressing against the ground. Then they should pull their feet away from their body while pressing the knees down towards the floor with each exhale.

Yoga can be an incredibly fun activity for children. By teaching them these simple postures, children can benefit from increased focus, balance, flexibility and strength. While yoga is often thought of as an adult activity, kids can reap the same health benefits from this ancient practice.

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