Easy Yoga Poses For Two People

Want to practice yoga with someone but don’t know what poses to start with? We have good news for you – yoga features an abundance of poses suitable for two people. However, you don’t have to feel intimidated by the world of yoga – there are plenty of poses that are suitable for beginner. Below is the list of seven smooth and easy-to-follow movements that make the perfect starting point for two yogis to practice together.


With the butterfly pose, two yogis sit in a crisscross position and press their feet together while bringing the soles of their feet close to their pelvic region. This pose stretches the inner thighs, opens up the hips and relaxes the spine. As both of you press the soles of their feet together, make sure the legs are slightly lifted off the ground, so your bodyweight is evenly distributed.

Two people facing each other in butterfly pose with hands on their lower backs, legs pressed together

Leg Straddle

The leg straddle is perfect for practicing balance and stability while improving hip flexibility. First, both of you squat with your feet pressed against the floor and knees bent at right angles. One of the participants should put their arms between the legs and with the help of their partner gently move into a forward fold. Stay in the position as long as comfortable and then come back to the original stance.

Revolved Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose

This twist adds an extra challenge to two participant. The revolved hand-to-big-toe pose is perfect for those who want to practice coordination and stability. While facing each other, one practitioner places their left foot flat on the ground, holding the left ankle with their left hand. After that, the second yogi should step into the standing leg and hug the left thigh of their partner. To deepen the pose and feel the twist comfortably, both practitioners can wrap their arms around each other’s waists and press into the standing leg of their partner.

Ice Skater

This pose helps to stretch the hip flexors and hamstrings, getting your joints and muscles ready for more challenging poses. It is also useful for making your practice more creative and fun. To get into an ice skater pose, one of you should stand in a low lunge with their right foot planted on the floor. Here, your partner should come by the side, hold your back and hop into an extension. Hold the pose for a few breaths and repeat with the other side.

Fountain Pose

Fountain pose allows you to connect with each other, making your practice much deeper. First, both of you stand close in a pose of a shutter, keeping the body weight equally distributed. After that, should reach their arms towards the sky and then start folding forward until your heads reaches their shoulders. Here, your partner should grab your arms and hold them in forward fold for a few breaths.

King Dancer

To get into a King Dancer’s pose, one of you should stand up on one foot and reach the other one back, stretching the toes and the calf of the standing leg. Your partner should come behind and grab the empty foot, slowly bringing it up and back. Try to hold the pose for a few breaths before switching sides.

Standing Splits

Stand Splits is a great pose for creating deep connections with other people and sharing your balance with them. First, both of you reach the arms up towards the ceiling and bring the right foot between the partners, slowly lowering it to the floor. Here, your partner should grab youunder your elbow and gently bring you down. Hold the pose for three to five breaths and slowly come back up.

By following the list of easy and smooth movements, you will be able to practice the poses which require basic balance and coordination. These poses will help strengthen the connection between two people and make your practice deeper. Embrace the journey of Yoga together!