Easy Yoga Poses For Kids

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to introduce Yoga to children, there are a few poses that you should think about. However, it is important to be aware that individuals of all sizes, ages, and abilities can do yoga. Depending on your child’s physical needs, you should always adjust poses accordingly so that they can be comfortable and safe. Additionally, different poses can be beneficial for different body parts and it’s important to mindfully tailor the poses to your child’s body.

Simple Seated Twist

The Simple Seated Twist yoga pose for kids

This is a beginner twist designed for kids to work on strengthening their back muscles, flexibility and balance on one foot. To do this pose, have your child stand with their feet slightly wider than their hips. They will then bend their left knee to the side,hinging at the hip. Keep the spine upright, and press the left foot firmly into the ground. Place the left hand on the bend knee, and extend the right arm to the sky, reaching out and over the right ear, making sure to keep the torso and chin facing forward. To help with balancing, have your child press all five toes onto the ground while keeping the knee of the straight leg pointing straight ahead. Hold for 5 – 10 deep, slow breaths and then switch sides

Happy Baby

This pose is a great one for opening up tight situations in the lower back and hips. To perform this pose, your child should begin with laying on their back, the soles of their feet should be facing towards the sky. With the knees bent, they should reach up and grab the outside edges of their feet. If they can’t grab the soles of their feet a strap can be used. To get the full stretch, your children should press the thighs towards their chest, keep the shoulders on the ground and look up towards their toes. Try to keep your children engaged in this pose, i.e. encourage them to ‘ground’ the feet or press them into the ground for balance. This will help to strengthen their legs and build better balance overall. Hold for 5- 10 slow, deep breaths.


The Cobra yoga pose for kids

This is an easy backbend, perfect for kids and for those with tightness in the lower back and hips. Your child should start on their stomach with their feet hip-width apart, and their hands planted firmly under the shoulders. Keeping the legs straight while they press their hands into the ground. They should then move their hands slightly more towards their feet then where they were when they began. Have them press their bust up engaging their back muscles and keep the gaze up towards the sky. To make this pose easier, the eyes can remain on the ground or the toes. Hold for 5- 10 slow, deep breaths. They should then be encouraged to repeat the pose 4 to 5 more times.

Tree Pose

The Tree Pose yoga pose for kids

This pose is perfect for building coordination, focus and balance. To begin, your child should stand tall in moutain pose, with the feet together and arms above the head. Then have them raise their right foot and place it against the left inner thigh, calf or ankle. The kneeling leg should remain bent and pointing directly down towards the ground and they should press hands together above their head again. To make the pose easier, they can place the sole of the climbing leg foot against the standing foot, instead of against the inner thigh, to build better focus. Once your child finds their balance, encourage them to hold the pose for 5- 10 slow, deep breaths. Then encourage them to switch sides. When the pose is complete, gently encourage your child to come back to mountain pose.