Easy Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga is just awesome! It is a great way to focus and increase strength and flexibility. Kids can benefit from the exercise and mindfulness of yoga, and with the variety of poses, it can also be fun for them. To make it easier to get started and decide which poses to practice with your children, here are some easy yoga poses for kids.

Picture of a child doing a yoga pose

One of the easiest poses for children to do is the seated forward fold. This pose helps to enhance flexibility and sculpt the core muscles, and can be done seated on the ground cross-legged or in a chair. To do this properly, children should stretch the arms over the head, bend forward and reach as far as they can, stretching as much as possible to the floor. Children should hold the forward bend for up to one minute, getting a small break in between poses.

The warrior pose is a great way for children to boost strength and flexibility. Kids should begin standing with their feet slightly apart. Bend the right knee, and make a V-shape with the arms to the side stretching above the head. The gaze should be directed forward. Children should then hold the pose for a few moments, return to standing, and switch legs.

Picture of a child doing the tree pose

The tree pose helps to build balance and core stability, while also giving children a chance to stretch their body. Kids should begin by standing on one foot, with the hands and arms in the air. The other foot should be lifted and placed directly beneath the knee, while the arms are above the head. Kids should try their best to stay in the pose for a few seconds, feel the balance and power in the pose, and then switch to the other leg.

Picture of a child doing a dog pose

The downward facing dog is another familiar pose. Children can begin on the ground, on their hands and knees. Then, they should lift the knees off the ground, arch the spine and kick the feet back behind them. The arms should hold strong and the gaze should go between the feet. Holding this pose for few breaths is ideal, helping your children practice balance and strength.

Picture of a child doing a bridge pose

The bridge pose is yet another great pose for kids. Kids should begin by lying on their back, with their arms by their side, palms flat to the floor. The feet should then be brought close to the buttocks, interconnected, and the arms and palms should press down flat into the ground. From here, children should lift their spine off the ground as high as possible, and even lift the hands off the ground if they choose. Holding the pose for a few breaths will help increase strength and flexibility.

Yoga poses for kids don’t have to be complicated or intimidating. These poses are a great way to start and get used to the idea of yoga, and as children become comfortable, you can work in more poses as time allows. Rest assured that these poses will lead to increased strength and flexibility, as well as peace and mindfulness in your child.

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