Easy Yoga Poses For 2

Doing yoga can be a great way to relax and stay fit. But sometimes it’s difficult to find a partner to do yoga poses with – thankfully there are some easy 2 person yoga poses that make it easier to practice with someone else. Not only are these poses great for bonding, but they also add a level of challenge that helps to build strength and coordination. Here are 10+ yoga poses easy 2 person that will help you create an amazing yoga practice.

Bharadvajasana with Variations

Two people sitting as part of Bharadvajasana, a yoga pose.

Bharadvajasana is a seated twist pose that involves sitting with your feet together in front of you. Both people can move together, beginning in a seated crossed-legged posture, then twisting towards the right after inhaling. The pose is restorative and calming and excellent for stretching the spine and increasing flexibility.

Free Partner Bridge

The free partner bridge is a fun and challenging move that both people can do together. Start by lying on the floor, with one person holding their legs in the air and the other supporting their hips. This move is great for strengthening the core, glutes, and upper body, and the person lying down will get great stretching and opening in the chest and shoulders.

Flying Downward Dog

Two people doing flying dog pose with one person lifting the other.

This pose is a fun twist on the classic downward dog. First, both parties start in downward dog and the person who is lifting takes their feet off the ground. This advanced pose is great for improving balance and strength, but be sure to take safety precautions. Both parties need to really focus and listen to their bodies, using blocks and straps if necessary.

Warrior 3 Plank

Two people doing warrior 3 plank pose with one person lifting the other.

This advanced yoga pose takes some serious balance and core strength, but with a partner it can be a fun and challenging experience. Begin by both partners assuming warrior three, with the person on the bottom supporting their partner’s legs with their hands. This pose strengthens the arms, shoulders, and core and helps the person on the bottom work through low back pain.

Balancing Sun Salutations with Backbends

Two people doing balancing salutations with one person lifting the other.

Balancing sun salutations are a great way to synchronize your breathing while challenging your balance and strength. Both people can alternate holding the pose, with each partner beginning in upward facing dog and supporting the other partner’s feet in the air while they arch into a backbend. The person on the bottom should focus on a deep, even breath and work on opening their chest.

Partner Hip Opener

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