Easy Yoga Challenge Poses

Yoga is a great way to get in tune with your body’s natural rhythms and stay fit. Not only will working out with a partner make the process more enjoyable and motivating, it also helps keep you on track. If you’re thinking about starting a yoga practice as a pair, here are some basic two-person yoga challenge poses to get you started.


Man and woman bending arms in a Cat-Cow yoga challenge pose

This one is relatively simple and a great way to warm up your body. Start by both coming into tabletop position on all fours, with your hands directly below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips. As you inhale, move into cow pose by arching your back and lifting your chest towards the sky. As you exhale, come back into cat pose by sealing your spine towards the ceiling, rounding your back and tucking your tailbone between your thighs and knees. Continue breathing and synchronizing your movements with your partner.

Interconnected Warrior I

This warrior-inspired pose is great for developing a stronger connection between you and your partner and strengthening your cores. To begin, start by facing each other in opposite directions. Then, step one foot back diagonally towards the center of the room and turn your palms towards the ceiling. Bend your front leg and keep your back leg straight. Reach your arms forward and connect your hands at the wrists. Keep your hips aligned and gaze forward as you hold your pose.

Standing Splits

Man and woman supporting each other in Standing Splits yoga challenge pose

It is natural for people to feel apprehensive before attempting a standing splits but with hard work and trust, standing splits is a great workout that can be enjoyed by couples. Both partners should stand on one leg with your feet directly underneath your hips. Reach the opposite leg directly up next to the ear, engaging your core and hip muscles to maintain balance. Hold onto your partner’s hands for stability and in order to increase flexibility, gradually decrease the distance between your hands. Hold the pose for a few seconds before alternate sides.

Relaxation Pose

Man and woman supporting each in a backed up pose. The man is sitting between the womans legs

This is a great way to end your yoga session. Relaxation pose is both a physically and a mentally calming experience and is always more enjoyable with someone by your side. To begin, sit in a kneeled position facing each other. The man should then slide his feet out in front and lean back. His partner should then wrap her legs around his stomach and wrap her arms around shoulders. Both partners should simply relax and use the other’s body as an anchor, not leaning their weight but rather breathing together and getting lost in the moment.

Introducing two-person yoga challenges into your practice can be a fun way to get fit with a friend or loved one. Not only will you strengthen your relationship, you can also deepen your practice as you and your partner challenge each other to stay in the poses. With the right level of dedication and trust, working out with a yoga partner can yield much more than individual practice. So, the next time you go to your yoga mat, consider inviting a friend and taking on two-person challenges.

Beginner Two Person Yoga Challenge Poses