Couples Yoga Poses Easy

Couples yoga has a special significance. It’s one of the best activities couples can do to bond and strengthen the relationship. Each couples yoga pose helps bring partners closer, improve communication between them, and bring the focus entirely on being with and connecting with each other. With couples yoga, there is no competition. The couple is doing yoga together and helping, supporting, and guiding each other through the poses and journey.

Tree Pose

Image of two people doing a couples tree pose in yoga

Tree pose is one of the most popular yoga poses, and it can be done as a couple to bring couples closer together. To do Tree Pose, both partners stand up and face each other. One partner places their right foot on the left hip of their partner and slowly rises up as they balance their weight between both sides. They can reach their arms up, or out to the sides, and then bow their heads and place their foreheads together to create a deep bond.

Partner Boat Pose

Partner Boat Pose is one of the most challenging couples yoga poses. It requires both partners to work together to balance each other’s weight and trust each other enough to put their strength and balance to the test. To do Boat Pose, both partners sit down, facing each other, and then each extend both of their legs. The partner in the back then puts their legs around the partner in the front and holds onto their partner’s ankles or lower legs. The partner in the front then leans back and lifts their legs off the ground as they balance on their partner’s hips. With practice and trust, this pose can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Cat and Cow

Two people in cat and cow pose in couples yoga

Cat and Cow is a perfect partner yoga pose for couples looking to stretch and release tension in their backs. To do Cat and Cow as a couple, each partner stands facing each other with their feet apart. One partner then bends over backwards, while the other goes into a cat pose, wherein they round their back. Then the partners switch, and the partner who bent over goes into a cow pose, while the other partner goes into a cat pose. This couple yoga pose is great for stretching the lower back and improving flexibility.

Crow Pose

A couple doing crow pose in couples yoga

Crow Pose is a more challenging couples yoga pose for balancing and strength. This pose requires trust and communication between both partners, as one partner needs to trust the other enough to take their weight and believe they can support them. To do Crow, one partner stands up, facing their partner, with their hands up. The other partner then stands on their partner’s thighs, with their hands on their partner’s chest and holds the weight of their body. With the hands of both partners gripping tightly, the partners straighten their legs and the partner on top stands up. This pose requires a lot of trust and strong communication.

These are just a few of the amazing couples yoga poses out there. Doing yoga with your partner is a great way to deepen the bond, express and share love, and strengthen the relationship. Couples yoga can be an incredibly rewarding experience and is a great way to stay connected and show your love for one another.

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