All of us have moments when we must participate in communion, but what are we meant to do in that sacred place? To many of us, communion brings to mind the image of a chalice or the holy vessel used during church services – and how we’re encouraged to break bread and share in the experience. For this post, let’s take a look at what it is to embrace a traditional communion and how it is to be had in its purest form.

A Traditional Communion

A traditional communion is one that centers around a respectful bow to the power of the Holy Spirit. At its core, communion is meant to act as a time where we all connect with each other in a special way and honor our shared beliefs.

The act of breaking bread is an essential part of the ceremony and is done in remembrance of Jesus Christ’s body. This is followed by the symbolic sharing of the cup of wine, which symbolizes the blood of Jesus that was shed for us.

For most of us, communion is a sacred and solemn moment where we pause and take the time to reflect on our lives and our faith. We recognize that we are all unified in the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins and we bow in his presence, thankful to be blessed by God’s mercy.

image of church goers engaged in traditional communion

A Communion Intended for All

Communion is intended to be a gathering for all and we’re meant to demonstrate our shared beliefs by coming together with an open heart. It’s a moment when each us can enjoy fellowship and unity with those who share our faith.

An essential part of the communion is the belief that we’re all connected to one another and that no one is perfect. We come together and accept each other as brothers and sisters, recognizing our need to support and lift each other up in love. We leave communion with a sense of solidarity, drawing strength from the people around us and forgiving others for past and present wrongs.

So if we’re to embrace traditional communion, our goal should be to be open to the collective spirit of all who join in the gathering. We recognize the mutual understanding that binds us in reverence to the power of God and the blessing of eternal life.