Cat Poses Reference

Cats are some of the most beloved animals in the world. People love them for their playful personalities and cute looks. Whether you’re a cat lover or not, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a cute cat drawing. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next art piece, a cat drawing may be the perfect fit.

Cat Drawings for Different Poses

Cat Drawing Poses

When it comes to cats, their athleticism and flexibility opens up a range of poses that are just begging to be drawn. This drawing shows a cat in mid-leap, giving it a sense of motion that can be really interesting to capture in a drawing. Cats will often pounce, climb, jump and even fly through the air, making them endlessly fun to draw.

Cartoon Cat Drawings

Cartoon style drawings of cats can be really adorable and fun. Although cats themselves are naturally cute, adding cartoon flair to their look can up the cuteness factor even more. Cartoon cat drawings can be really playful, with big eyes and expressive faces. They can be used in all sorts of artwork, from kids drawings to website graphics.

Realistic Cat Drawings

Realistic Cat Drawing

Realistic cat drawings are a great way to capture the true beauty of cats. Such drawings often use a higher level of detail to accurately capture the feline’s features and expression. Cat fur can be tricky to draw, but when done well can be particularly captivating. Realistic drawings are often done on larger canvases, allowing for more detail.

Stylized Cat Drawings

Stylized Cat Drawing

Stylized cat drawings often use exaggerated features and bright colors to make them stand out. They won’t be a realistic depiction of the subject, but will often be more abstract and impressionistic. Stylized pieces can be colorful and playful, showing cats in different costumes and settings. Fierce cats and cats in battle are often popular motifs in this style of drawing.


Cat drawings are a hugely popular and versatile subject. Whether you’re looking to draw a realistic cat or an abstract illustration, cats offer an accessible starting point. They have big personalities, which makes them perfect for conveying emotion and telling stories. So if you’ve been looking for inspiration for your next art project, a cat drawing might be just what you need.

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