10 Min Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation & Positivity

Relaxation and positivity are key components of a healthy life. To help you find inner peace and satisfaction, we have compiled a 10-minute guided meditation which is specifically tailored for deep relaxation and positivity. This is Day 11 in our guided meditation series, so let’s get started on our journey towards relaxation and positivity.

Sleepy Feeling

This 10-minute guided meditation starts with evoking an overall sleepy feeling. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and feel the heaviness and tiredness taking over your body like a comforting blanket. Allow your head, shoulders, arms, and legs, to become heavy and relaxed.

Self Awareness

Once you start to feel more relaxed and sleepy, direct your attention and awareness towards yourself. Feel your body from the inside out, and concentrate on the rhythm of your breath. Take a few moments to take in the overall sensation of being mindful and aware of yourself.

Focus on Positivity

Now that you are aware of yourself and in a relaxed state, begin to focus on being positive. Remind yourself of your positive attributes and goals – your successes and what it feels like to be at peace. Use this 10-minute guided meditation as a time for reconnecting with yourself and rebuilding your positivity.

Complete Relaxation

Let your worries and anxieties recede away and let yourself bask in complete relaxation. Enjoy the stillness and control of your body and the peace that comes with knowing that you can depend on yourself. Allow the feelings of relaxation and positivity build inside you and take a few moments to focus on them.

Letting Go

Continue to feel the sensation of complete relaxation and positivity build up inside you, and let go of the external judgement and criticism that limit your growth. This is a time for you and your spiritual journey, for you to cultivate a deeper appreciation and understanding of yourself. These 10 minutes are dedicated to only you.

Opening Up

Once you feel ready, open yourself up to the world around you and share the sense of relaxation and positivity with others. Appreciate the potential and opportunities that life offers as you emerge from this guided meditation feeling strong and empowered. This 10-minute journey is for you, and it ends with the reminder that you are capable of greatness.

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