Bikram Yoga Poses Advanced

Yoga is an ancient practice that brings tranquility to the mind and body, and more and more people are finding the benefits that it can bring to their lives. One style of yoga that is growing in popularity is Advanced Bikram Yoga, with its 84 poses. This advanced yoga style is designed to help you build strength and flexibility while also calming the mind and spirit.

Standing Poses

While there are a variety of poses to help you build and maintain strength and flexibility, one of the most important aspects of Advanced Bikram Yoga are the standing poses. These poses are all about proper form and postural alignment. The Half Moon, Triangle and Warrior poses are all part of the Advanced Bikram Yoga repertoire and are designed to strengthen and tone the legs while building critical balance abilities. The proper alignment in these poses helps improve your mental and physical balance.

Figure demonstrating the Half Moon, Triangle and Warrior poses


Inversions are another important and invigorating part of Advanced Bikram Yoga. Inversions are poses that require you to be upside-down or at least partially inverted so that your legs and feet are above your head. Some of the most popular inversions are the Head-To-Knee and Shoulder-Stand poses. These poses help to build a stronger core, alleviate fatigue and can completely change your perspective, literally and metaphorically. If you’re feeling drained or just want to try something new, adding inversions can offer a refreshing twist to your traditional routine.

Balance Poses

Because of the strength and agility required to hold various poses, balance poses specifically take you to the next level of Advanced Bikram Yoga. Standing poses are great for adding strength, but when you add balance poses, like Eagle or Tree Pose, you can really challenge yourself and reap the benefits. Balance poses help build lower-body strength and the ability to maintain difficult postures. These poses are great for testing your limits and pushing yourself further in your practice.


The last part of Advanced Bikram Yoga consists of backbends. Bent knees, open chest and even splits are all part of the repertoire. To really maximize the benefits of backbends, it is important to focus on proper form and alignment. This will not only add an element of strength building and flexibility, but will help alleviate stress and tension. Adding backbends to your practice is a great way to open up your chest after a long day and add a bit of excitement to your routine.

Advanced Bikram Yoga with its 84 poses is the perfect way to challenge yourself, improve your physical and mental focus, and build strength. With the proper form and alignment, you can add balance, backbends, and inversions to your routine that will bring you peace of mind and a healthier body.