Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses

Yoga is a great way to relax, release stress and enjoy quality time with a friend. Whether you are looking for ways to soothe your body and mind after a long, hard day or just wanting to move and flow with a buddy, trying out bff, two person yoga poses can be a fantastic way to deepen your connection and provide a calming environment. Check out these 35+ trends for bff two-person yoga poses and get ready to relax while having a great workout!

The Pretzel Pose

The Pretzel Pose is a fun two-person yoga pose that can help to relax the body, mind, and soul. It’s a great pose to help you and your friend connect deeply, as the pose involves one partner supporting the other’s weight. The pose starts with one partner lying down in half-Shavasana or savasana. The partner standing then bends at the hips and loops their arms under the lying person’s knees, carefully cradling them up in a hug. The standing partner then takes a few steps away, allowing the weight of the second person to stretch out their legs, with their toes pointed towards the ceiling. For a deeper stretch, the standing partner can slowly lower their upper body into a squat while keeping their back straight and their arms supporting the partner. They can then hold the pose for a few breaths as they relax into the stretch.

Two people doing the Pretzel Pose

The pretzel pose helps to alleviate stress and open the hips, while releasing tension and promoting relaxation. This pose can also be helpful in improving your balance and focus, while providing many benefits in a relatively short time. It is a great way to release and share energy with your partner, creating a deep connection through movement.

The Mermaid Pose

The Mermaid Pose is a great pose to help both partners with flexibility, balance, and support. This pose requires both people to lean onto each other while also using their own strength and balance to stay upright. To begin the pose, one partner starts in a seated position with their legs extended out in front of them. The second partner then sits between the partner’s legs, with their back toward their partner’s chest. Both partners then raise their arms, reaching for opposite hands, that meet in front of the second partner. From there, both partners lean into each other, allowing their weight to bear down onto each other. The partners should stay upright and press their feet firmly against the floor. Each person should lift their opposite arm, using the weight of their leaning partner as the medium to maintain the balance.

The mermaid pose is a great way to bond and to enjoy an invigorating yoga experience with a friend. It’s also a pose that is excellent for helping strengthen the core and open up the chest. With the added benefits of helping to improve balance, the Mermaid Pose is a perfect yoga pose to help you and your friend find a greater body and spirit connection.

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