Benefits Of Bikram Yoga Poses

Are you looking for a way to improve your fitness? Bikram yoga is a great way to incorporate exercise and relaxation into your routine. Bikram yoga is sometimes referred to as hot yoga, as it is usually practiced in a heated room. In contrast to traditional yoga poses, Bikram yoga utilizes a specific set of 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

The 26 Bikram Poses

The 26 postures make up what is known as the Bikram Sequence. Each pose is Vinyasa-style, meaning you link your in-breath and out-breath to your movements.

First bikram yoga pose

The first, and most important, position you will learn is called the Standing Deep Breathing Position. This posture maximizes your Pranayama, or breath control. It is important to practice this one every time, as it will help guide you through the remaining poses.

Kapalabhati Pose

Kapalabhati pose is a breathing exercise. This pose requires you to take 10-20 deep breaths. As you breathe in, feel your chest expand and as you exhale, let your chest fall naturally.

Half Moon Pose

Third bikram yoga pose

Half Moon pose is the fourth position of the sequence. It strengthens your abs, arms, legs and back and helps to improve your balance. To do this pose, stand up straight and then raise your arms above your head until your palms press together. Gently bend your body to the right, and hold for a few moments before returning to the starting position.

Triangle Pose

Fourth bikram yoga pose

The Triangle Pose is the sixth position in the sequence. This is an excellent stretch for your spine, hips, and legs and helps to improve your posture. Stand up straight and position your arms to the sides at a ninety degree angle. While keeping your right foot pointing forward, turn your torso to the right.

Cobra pose

Fifth bikram yoga pose

Cobra pose is the fifteenth position in the sequence. This pose targets your upper back, shoulders, and abdominals. To do this pose, lie facedown on the floor, with your arms bent and your palms flat on the ground. Lift your torso and look up at the ceiling. Hold this position for a few moments and then release.

Spine Twist Pose

Sixth bikram yoga pose

The Spine Twist Pose is the twentieth exercise in the sequence. This pose strengthens your spine and being to work on improving your flexibility. Sit up tall on the floor with your legs stretched out. Cross your left foot over your right, and then turn your torso to the left. Raise your left arm, and reach for your bent knee with your right hand. Hold this position for a few moments, and then switch sides.

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