Basic Yoga Poses Chart

Yoga is a wonderful way to stay limber and relaxed, to reach a state of perfect equilibrium. It can be enjoyed anywhere, from your own home to a local park, from the comfort of your own chair to a yoga studio. If you’re looking for some fun and new yoga poses to try, take a look at this amazing chart of seated yoga poses.

Head/Hand To Knee Pose

A bit of a more advanced seated pose, this position involves bringing your head to your knee while extending your hand forward. It’s a great way to get a good stretch while improving balance and flexibility.

Half Spinal Twist Pose

This pose helps to relieve lower back pain and open up the spine. Sit cross-legged and reach your arm up and over the opposite leg. Then twist your torso over the leg and hold the pose for a few deep breaths.

Wide Legged Forward Bend Pose

One of the more difficult poses, the wide legged forward bend requires you to sit with your legs as far apart as comfortably possible. Reach both hands forward and rise up on your toes to reach your chest onto your legs. This pose is great for opening up your hips and improving flexibility in your back.

Hero Pose

Hero Pose is often seen as a resting pose between active poses. It’s a great position for stretching and strengthens your quadriceps and hip flexors. Its low impact nature makes it a perfect option even for those just starting with yoga.

Wide Legged Seated Twist

This pose is typically used to rest and warm up the body for more challenging poses. Sit on your butt with your legs straight out in front of you, then bend one knee so that your foot is flat against the inside of your other leg. Reach one arm over your head and twist your torso to the side.

These are just some of the incredible seated yoga poses you can try. They are all great for practicing mindfulness, relieving stress and anxiety, and improving flexibility. Give them a try and see how they can help you in your practice and everyday life!

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