Gratitude, Bliss And Oneness With Ananda Mandala Meditation

Another day, another way to experience the divine. This time I’m trying my hand at Ananda Mandala meditation with the help of this lovely Kundalini Chakras image. I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty good about it.

The Path to Inner Peace and Gratitude

ananda mandala meditation

Ananda Mandala meditation is all about connecting to your inner essence and discovering the transformation that can take place within. It all begins with your intention, deciding what aspects of your inner self you want to explore. You can focus on gratitude, unconditional love, bliss, and oneness–all of which help uncover the true power of your soul.

From there, it’s time to find a comfortable position, either in a chair or lying down. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath, simply inhaling and exhaling. As you inhale, imagine a golden light entering your body and saturating your soul with peace and love. With each exhale, feel the release of any tensions and blocked energy.

Once the breathing is established, you can be more creative in the imagery and affirmations you use to enhance your meditation. For example, you can visualize a beautiful energy spinning throughout your body, connecting each chakra along the way and creating a feeling of harmony. You can also use visual cues like the Kundalini charkras in the picture to channel in healing energy. Whatever you choose to do, the idea is to embrace that inner calm and steadiness.

The effects of a Ananda Mandala meditation can be profound. Consider the potential to connect with a deep gratitude and contentment, understanding that outside circumstances are not always necessary to experience the balance within. You can feel unconditional love and an abiding peace no matter where you go. And even more miraculous, you may find that you become a shining beacon of light, radiating hope and bliss to those around you.

Come Back to Yourself

Ananda Mandala meditation is a powerful reminder of the journey back to your true divine nature. When challenges come, or when you feel out of balance, it can be a strong anchor to still your heart and open it to an ocean of love. To be connected to yourself and to all of existence, simply take a moment and tap into the peace that is available to you at all times.

Take an image like the Kundalini Chakras to serve as a guide and explore your inner self a bit deeper. Before you know it, you’ll realize yourself fully and find an abundance of love and understanding that can bring real joy and fulfilment to your life.