Advanced 2 Person Yoga Poses

Yoga is a great activity to do with two people. It helps build strong relationships and trust while providing plenty of physical and mental benefits. When two people come together to practice yoga, they can also take their practice to a whole new level. Two-person poses can require more strength, stability, and balance and often involve more complex shapes. Here is a list of thirteen of the most difficult poses that two people can attempt.

Double Chair

Two people in a Double Chair pose, both seated with their backs against each other while keeping their legs stretched out in a V-shape

The double chair pose is an advanced variation of the regular chair pose. Each person is seated with their back against the other while keeping their legs stretched out in a V-shape. This pose is difficult because it requires both people to use their core and leg strength to stay upright. To make it even more challenging try adding arm variations such as placing your hands in front of you or behind your head.


The compass pose requires trust and balance from both practitioners. One person is supported on their hands and feet while the other person is standing with their back against their partner. The standing partner has to find their balance while supporting their partner with the strength of their legs. Having good communication between the two people is key to achieving this pose.

Side Plank

Two people in a Side Plank pose, one person is balancing on their forearm while the other person is balancing on their foot

The side plank is a simple but challenging pose. It requires one partner to be balancing on their forearm while the other partner is balancing on their foot. The partners have to find their center of gravity with each other and work together to support one another. The pose requires strength and balance from both partners.


Two people in a Wheelbarrow pose, one person is supporting their partner as they lift their legs up

The wheelbarrow requires strength, core stability, and trust from both partners. One person supports the other from their back as the partner lifts their legs up. The supporting partner has to use their back and abdominal muscles to hold the other person in the air. It is a great exercise for building core and arm strength in both partners.

Standing Splits

Two people in a Standing Splits pose, one person is standing on their right leg while the other person is standing on their left leg behind them

The standing splits pose is incredibly challenging and requires balance, trust and good communication between partners. One partner stands on one leg while the other stands behind them on their other leg. The partners must move together and support one another by using their arms and legs in the pose. It is an excellent pose for building strength, balance and flexibility.

Kneeling Backbender

Two people in a Kneeling Backbender pose, one person is kneeling on their hands and feet and the other person is in backbend over them

The kneeling backbender requires balance, trust and communication from both practitioners. One partner kneels on their hands and feet
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