Acro Yoga Poses

Most of us never thought that one day yoga could be turned into something beyond just a solo practice or with a few partners. However, thanks to the advent of acro yoga, experienced yogis are able to perform all kind of incredible poses that create connections, trust and intensity with several people. Acro yoga, also called partner yoga, can involve up to four people and is absolutely beautiful to watch. And, even better for those of us who are brave enough to attempt it, it’s equally awesome to experience.

Crow to Table Pose

Acro yoga duo performing crow to table pose

One of the most popular acro yoga poses is the crow to table pose, a slightly advanced maneuver that requires trust and skill. The base, who is most likely the more experienced of the two partners, lies on the ground with their feet flat while the flyer stands on the base’s feet. The flyer places their palms on either side of the base’s ankles and, with the help of their core strength and a bit of trust, the flyer slowly lets go with their hands and the base lifts them into the air. From that point, the base can gradually move their legs into a table top configuration thus creating an incredible and challenging pose.


The butterfly pose is another popular acro yoga pose. This one starts with the flyer lying on their back with both wrists crossed at their chest. The base then takes the flyer’s feet in both their hands, hoisting the flyer in the air until they can reach the ground in a seated position with their arms outstretched. This position is a graceful one, almost resembling a butterfly’s wings in flight. For this pose to be successful and safe, it is important that both partners communicate throughout the entire process.

Ancestors & Warriors

Acro yoga duo performing the ancestors and warriors pose

The ancestors and warriors pose is the ultimate trust exercise in acro yoga. Both partners stand facing each other with neither partner’s feet touching the ground. The flyer then grasps the wrists of the base who, in turn, bends at the knees in order to lower their arms. Both partners trust that the other will not let them fall. Once the base has successfully lowered the flyer to the floor, the flyer can begin to make their way back up and the pose is complete. This pose requires both strength and trust, and it is a great test of the bond the two people share.

Acro yoga is insanely cool to watch and incredibly fulfilling to engage in. From crow to table to butterfly to ancestors and warriors, this form of partner yoga can bring bodies and minds together in breathtaking ways. Who knew yoga could be a party?

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