Aa Morning Meditation A Walk To The Peaceful Mind

AA morning meditation a walk to the peaceful mind - 2021

Hello everyone, how are you this morning? I’m sure you are feeling relaxed and energized for the day ahead. Today I wanted to talk to you about an AA morning meditation – a walk to the peaceful mind. This exercise can help you start your day off right while also finding inner peace, relaxation and balance in your life.

Gathering Your Thoughts

The first step of an AA morning meditation is gathering your thoughts. Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to become present in the moment. As you become more aware of your thoughts, you will be better able to focus and direct your energy towards your goals for the day.

Picture of woman meditating in a peaceful nature setting.

The next step is to find a peaceful place where you can sit and meditate. Find a spot in your home or in a park or outdoor space where you can focus on your breath, sit in stillness and observe your thoughts and feelings.

Setting an Intention

Now that you have settled in your peaceful space, the next step is to set an intention for the day. This can be anything from focusing on personal growth, reaching that work goal or taking time to relax and do something you enjoy. Whatever the intention, focus on it and allow it to fill the rest of your meditation with energy.

Getting to the Core

One of the most beneficial steps in an AA morning meditation is getting to the core of your feelings and thoughts. Now that you have settled in your space and set an intention for the day, allow yourself to go deeper. Think about what emotions or thoughts are coming up for you and be accepting and non-judgmental of whatever comes up. Feel it and just sit in it for a few moments.

Easing into Gratitude

The last step of an AA morning meditation is to bring in a sense of gratitude. Once your thoughts have been thoroughly explored, switch your focus to gratitude. Take a few moments to appreciate yourself and all the people in your life who have supported you and made a difference in your life.

Inverting this gratitude onto yourself, give yourself a hug and send love to yourself for all your courage, effort and hard work up to this point.

AA morning meditation is a wonderful tool to incorporate into your morning routine. It can help you start your day off right, focus on what’s important to you and find inner peace, balance and relaxation. Have a great day!