3 Person Yoga Poses

Yoga not only helps us with reducing stress and calming down but it also helps with engaging in relationships with our inner self. In today’s day and age, having meaningless interactions with our inner self holds the key to building a healthy mind and body, and having a peaceful soul.

1. Cobra Pose

People standing in Cobra Pose

Having group yoga helps us to practice sustained poses. Cobra Pose strengthens the back and spine muscles, improving flexibility and balance. In order to do this pose, first you need to come to a prone position on the floor, with your feet hip-width apart. Placing your hands just a couple of inches behind your shoulder blades, lift your chest of the floor.

2. Warrior 3 Pose

The Warrior 3 Pose requires the person doing it to keep their balance while having the upper body extend out in front and the lower legs in a position behind the body. It is a wonderful hip-strengthening exercise helping to keep the balance in the life of the person practising it and serves as an amazing way to build body strength.

3. Uttanasana

People standing in Uttanasana Pose

The Uttanasana, or Standing Forward Bend pose helps to create flexibility in the spine, waist and hamstrings. It is quite stimulating for the nerves and abdominal muscles, allowing a gentle stretching of the spine. The person performing this pose should stand with their feet hip-width apart with knees slightly bent, folding at the waist and gently reaching toward the floor while keeping the knees slightly bent.

4. Tree Balance

People standing in Tree Balance Pose

Tree Balance Pose is a great way to strengthen the core and build balance in the body. For a group yoga activity, people should start by standing straight and then gently shifting the weight to the left leg, bringing the right foot up to the inner thigh of the left leg and then reaching up to bring the palms together above the head. This pose helps to bring the two sides of the body into balance and the core takes care of the stabilization.

5. Half-Moon Pose

People standing in Half-Moon Pose

The Half-Moon pose is an amazing pose helping with the transference of energy. Starting in a low lunge, the person performs the pose by extending the back leg, balancing out the body’s movement and engaging the core to keep control of the posture. By bringing the palms together, it helps in the transference of energy and acts as a great pose for group yoga activity.

Yoga is a great way to build a stronger connection between ourselves and the meaningful relationships we have in life. Trying out group poses with friends and family helps us stay connected and build memories that last a lifetime. Taking out time to erase all the stress away by doing some yoga with the loved ones helps to build up the necessary energy one needs to take on life.
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