3 Person Yoga Poses Hard

Getting your yoga poses on with two or more people is even more fun and challenging than it is on your own. Working with other people to put yourself into new positions and pull off difficult poses will leave you feeling accomplished and even closer with your friends. You can practice following poses that are designed to be done with two or three people. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an eager novice or already a yoga guru. Here are some of the top three person yoga poses you should try.

Three People Child Pose:

Three people in child pose with an adult in between two children.

This three person Child’s Pose will help you open your chest and legs. Stand side by side, then bend your knees and sit down, with your butts touching the heels of the people on either side of you. Reach one arm out and grab your neighbor’s shoulder while trapping their wrist in your arm pit. Reach around and be sure to support each other in your forward fold. Keep your back long and your chin tucked away.

Triangle Tango:

This three person Triangle Tango poses is deceptively simple, but looks cute and charming. Stand at an arm’s length apart and link hands, with the tallest of you in the middle. Then gently fold to the left and extend the arms to the sides. Don’t forget to look up and bring your hips forwards. Hold the pose for at least 5 breaths and enjoy the feeling of being connected.

Three People King Dancer Pose:

Three people doing King Dancer Pose with an adult accountable and two children holding the hands

King Dancer Pose is a serious test of balance and strength. Place one person in the center while the others grab her hands. Then, with a firmness in the arms and legs, begin to kick the leg in back up as you lift up the torso. Once up, look forwards with grace and elegance make sure everybody is balanced. Once the pose is achieved, take 5 breaths together and hold the bond between you.

Practice these top three person yoga poses with your friends and family and you’ll end up feeling more connected. It might be difficult to get the poses perfect the first time, but that only means you’re working together and having fun. Enjoy!

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